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It debuted to almost DOUBLE resistance 2

if everything stay proprotional (lol it won't I know)

KZ2 will outsell Resistance 2........ 1.87:1!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm disappointed, but of course, it is going to sell at least 1.2m in EU, and probably the same again in America, at the very least, so it should beat 3m, which is what it needs to break even (I guestimate)

Great sales for a great game. Should hit 1 mil by next weeks numbers, that's great for Sony. These and the hardware numbers could produce an interesting outcome regarding a possible price drop.....or not.

(1) Sony decides not to do a price drop because Hardware was close/greater in sales than 360 this week. This creates optimism regarding its current high price point still generating good sales and profitability.

(2) Sales are not meeting expectations in comparison to development/marketing costs for KZ2, convincing Sony a price cut is necessary to remain competitive.

These are just a couple of interesting scenarios that have been floating around that I am interested in finding out the outcome (IMO)...................

to be truly honest, it didn't have a bad opening. i did expect a lot more, over 1 mill, but the game will still sell well in the end. who knows, maybe it'll even sell well for a while. while i hate sony and don't own a ps3, i think it is safe to say this game is good and will be considered a success

On a SALES STANDPOINT, I wouldnt be too excited in my opinion. It did about the same level as Gears of War 1 debut back in 2006 when there were only 5m 360s in the world.

But I think this can track to 4-5m LTD which is higher than I expected.

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WW sales of killzone2 in 3 days are 80% higher than resistance 2 in week one !


very vey good start. but i think there were lot of preorders, and sales for next week will fall to less than 250K :(


Congrats to Killzone2! it blew away my expectations. Hard game however, the AI is no joke.

720K BABY!!!!!

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I wouldn't really get hung up over 10k. It's well within the margin for error.

I actually reckon that if Killzone 2 had an identical launch week, as recored by Vgchartz, it may have sold even more copies then COD:WAW.

What I mean by that is, COD:WAW had an extra 3 days worth of sales in NA before it's sales were recored on the week ending the 15th of November.

Killzone 2 had an extra 2 days worth of sales in EU.

Despite the install base difference, KZ2 sold more copies in less time in NA. Following the trend of shooters opening to bigger numbers in NA.

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the first week WW is missing japan,meaning it might have possibly beaten COD5.


COD5 isn't launched in Japan so its fair

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