Rumor: Microsoft to announce Two New IPís by Q1 2009

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Rumor: Microsoft to announce Two New IP’s by Q1 2009

February 5, 2009 by 28N  
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The Xbox 360 seems to be running short of exclusives this year, barring Halo Wars and a couple DLC components from its earlier games the machine has very little to look forward to but we found out that there was indeed a lot cooking inside Microsoft’s stove that they are yet to let out.

A spokesperson from Microsoft that it indeed has atleast two new properties that have been in development for quite sometime, he goes on to say -

“We’ve always focused our attention in the year of operation concerned, I would safely say that our community will see atleast two new games being announced exclusive to the Xbox 360 console by the end of Q1 2009″

A bit of probing also revealed that one might actually be an online fighter based on a very popular franchise, the other is an action adventure game from one of their internal studios. Well it seems Microsoft is far from giving up this generation without a solid fight.


Hmm, they didn't provide sources, and not sure where they got new IPs from that quote.  Take it with a grain of salt.  I would really like a Killer Instinct online though.

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Was just about to post this. I'm going to assume like everyone else will and say one of them is Killer Instinct.

The other, who knows but I love the fact that we don't know. Considering Q1 ends in March I will guess they are going to announce the games at GDC. I know Lionhead is working on some games and Peter said we will probably see something there so that is my guess KI3 and a new Lionhead game.

I wonder why they are waiting? Do they think they can give MS stock a kick in the pants if they hold off on these announcements until just before Q2? Something to soften the blow to stockholders?

I wonder if they're the two projects Molyneux is supposed to talk about at GDC.

Rare needs to port their old perfect dark games on xbox live arcade (they tried that with goldeneye but nintendo stopped them)

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i think the fighter is killer instinct 3 , not sure about the other game.






brute force 2 ,and panzel dragon olta 2...


I think I would be nice if they released 2 new iP's, and then maybe 3 more sequels. That seems about right.

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