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So I finally caved over the weekend, bought a ps3 and picked up GTA4. Now I'm trying to figure out what's next to purchase.

I'm a big RPG fan and have heard really good things about Valkyria Chronicles, but also heard that it's selling relatively poor. Can anyone give me their thoughts on this game and whether it's worth a purchase? Also, why isn't it selling well? Is it another case of a great game that just goes unloved, like Okami, or is it not very good?

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If you are a big RPG fan and aren't allergic to SRPG then you would be remiss to not buy VC. It's a great title that isn't selling because it is a niche genre and had practically no advertising.


Oh yes.

It isn't selling well because its an SRPG and it wasn't advertised.

The game itself is fantastic. I couldn't praise it any higher. It is a must for RPG fans. Buy it NOW!

It is a great game, and unless you get sick at the sight of strategy games, you will most likely love this game!

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It is vastly superior to Okami. Okami was a very good Zelda knockoff, while Valkyria Chronicles is an excellent and unique strategy game.

VC has excellent art direction, and a compelling story. Also, the game play style is unique in that you move people around like a 3rd person action game, but the game is really a turn based strategy game. It is more than challenging, but provides a good ramp up in difficulty from the start. Also, the game will last at minimum 20 hours, and I think I took 35 hours and I still have a tiny bit left of un-played content.

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Alright, thanks for the replies, seems like I'll have to add it to my collection once I'm done with gta.

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buy it,

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