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I just remembered my first PS2 game. Zone of the Enders, your name reminded me of it Ender. No offense Ender, but oh man that was a crappy game.


EDIT: BTW... to clear it up.  I was never really hooked on Zone of the Enders, but I played the hell out of it to try and justify my purchase of the PS2.  Rambo and Karate Kid still hold the honor of crappiest game I was hooked on, but again I might of just been playing them to try and justify the money that I spent on them.  I do that a lot.  I am kinda doing the same thing with MGS4 now.

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Basically I am not to happy with MGS4. I beat Laughing Tentacles near the middle of Act 2 (I think) last night, and wow that game is getting messed up. I think the only thing I understood was the camel toe in the cut scene.

Does anyone know how much further till the end of the game?

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Ender said:
Playcito said:

Ogre Battle ( Ps1 )... 10000 hours of game play


This means you've been playing OB full-time for 3.42 years.


10,000/8 = 1250 days

1250/365 = 3.4248 years

Let's hope that 4th 0 was a mistake.

Mario Kart 64... in retrospect I hated that game.. as I do all Mario Karts... and probably Mario Party 4-6. I bought them all even though they all sucked x.x




Dynasty warriors and warriors Orochi.

Iron and Blood (PS1), some reason me, my brother and couple of our friends played the HELL out of that game.

Yet, it wasn't the best by any means, lol. There were sooo damn many cheater moves and some characters just couldn't beat other characters. But, damn it was just fun!

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World of Warcraft

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For anyone that cared I just looked at a walk through, and I am not even half way on MGS4.


Laughing Octopus is like the first Boss in the game. 5 Acts in all. I also read if you kill her with non-lethal you get a bonus face camo.

OK, lets examine what I just said. KILL HER WITH NON-LETHAL WEAPONS... wtf. This game might be the crappiest game I have been hooked on.

The Jury is still out.

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Crappiest game: Cake Mania. Also, even more embarrassingly, I tried Diner Dash. Unfortunately, it just didn't do it for me like Cake Mania. Also, I started the story mode of Cake Mania 2, but... I think I dropped it for something decent like Syberia whilst picking up the shreds of my dignity that remained.

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Easy: blitzball.

superman 64...........pfft lol, actually I'd say sega's ncaa college football 2003 on gamecube not that it was a awful game but it really wasn't worth playing as much as I did........