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Slimebeast said:
^from your VGC home page


wat are you doing on there?

i knw that would draw someone to this thread ha ha ha


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You forgot the Motorstorm bundle with the 80GB.

the wii should get soem bundles

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Cueil said:
anyone notice how Europe gets all the cool bundles and NA gets the shaft...



works both ways m8. e.g uve gt psn tv & movies we havent. youve gt netflix, we havent

outlawauron said:
You forgot the Motorstorm bundle with the 80GB.


i have it in the non bundle section since it was the 1st time the 80g sku came at ill treat it as a new sku


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Good price list. I'm sure there will be more price drops soon. It's funny that Sony discontinued the 20GB PS3 just 6 months after release. I think M$ will run their Elite (Fable 2/Halo 3) bundle until the end of June, and depending on whether Sony does a price drop or not, they will probably do another price drop before the year is over. Even is Sony cuts $50 off their 80GB and 160GB PS3 models, I don't think they will outsell the Wii or XBox 360 this holiday. It should be a bit closer then last year of course, but with the 360 at only $200 casual gamers and parents will simple get that system because it's the cheapest and you can play many of the same games that you can play on the PS3 for less. Once the PS3 is below $300, that's when it'll start to catch up to the XBox 360. It may be too little to late, as I'm sure M$ will release a new XBox in 2011 or 2012 at the latest. By then, the Elite will be $200.


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I see. I was looking in the second post.

What happened to all the numbers in the OP?

I created something similar a while ago. You can order the tables by Country or by Date. I also have data for sixth generation and 5th generation. If anyone wants to help in finding references, just edit the page (or PM me). I'm needing price drops for 6th generation (PS2, XBX, GC, DC) for Japan and UK/Europe.


@slimebeast I don't know, but the info can be found in Google cache.


Hi there.

http://vgsales.wikia.com/wiki/Video_Game_Sales - A wiki for video game sales figures

This thread lacks graphs.