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There's a lot of trash talk around here from fanboys who likes to marginalise any competitions to their chosen console, so I thought I'd start a thread acknowledging some of the great games on or coming to the system I don't own and want to play, mayhaps others can chime in and those with more than one current gen box to their name can share their perspective.

Technically I have access to all three home console (in one house) but I am a firm believer in ownership and if I like a game I generally buy it and not rent even if its consider short or lacks replay value.



Ninja Gaiden II: Having enjoyed sigma, this is one of the first 360 that I truly wish I could purchase, the combination of great graphic, good gameplay, ridiculous gore and freakin ninja! (who doesn't like ninja??) is a sure fire winner in my book.

Gears of War 2: I got the first game on PC and thought it was great, its not my personal style of game but the production value and visceral appeal is fantastic, another nugget of gold.

Tale of Vesperia: I love cell-shading! Add amazing gameplay and great story and you have one of the best JRPG of this generation. The only JRPG released on the 360 that I really want.

Star Ocean 4: Oh man! If anything can make me fork out for another system it's probably this. I really hope SE port this over the PS3 as this is the one game sure to make me jealous and envious of every 360 owners.

Fable 2: It got me at multiple wives and STD, hilarous and fun and top notch game.



Monster Hunter Trii: Its Monster Hunter and while not HD its graphic is certainly still very very nice. Add online functionality and you've sold me for sure.

Tale of Symphonia 2: Not as exciting as the 360 exclusive Vesperia imo but still an attractive game that I would purchase on day 1 if I had a wii.

Mario Kart: I had so much fun with the original SNES and N64 version that I cannot imagine this game being anything less that awesome if they stick to the same formula

Zelda: TP: Its Zelda! Not having this while owning a wii is like eating hotdog without ketchup and mustard.

From the above I think its obvious that I am a PS3 owner and fan, while I have no regret in my system of choice I think that as a gamer, you do yourself a diservice to dismiss a game base on its platform.



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That's about it.

Actually, I only own a DS... but I'll have a PS3 next month so I won't include it.


Halo 3: I like the Halo universe, multiplayer is severely badass. Very good shooter.

Lost Odyssey: I very much how it looks. I also heard it's similar to FF X, how can you not like a game that's similar to FF X?

ToV: Best JRPG this gen yet... I bought it for my friend as a b-day present.

Star Ocean 4: Looks terrific, free space travel, badass battle system, it'll probably be the 360's best JRPG.

Mass Effect: Well, the only WRPG's I like are the ones from Bioware. Plus, from what I heard, it's a very good game.


Nintendo FP, because I very much like Mario, Metroid, and Zelda.

No More Heroes: terrific art style, loveable hero, it's just a pleasure to look at.

Fragile: A JRPG in a dying, ruined world, with horror elements and anime? do want...

ToS 2: I like the first. I want to know what's after (well, still haven't finished 1, but still)... 6.7? won't stop a JRPG fan. They are almost never well received in the west, and therefore reviews are not to be taken very seriously.

Sin and Punishment 2: I saw a trailer, it looks incredibly fun and badass...

Wetcoaster said:

That's about it.


same here...

oh and GT5

Xbox 360: Tales of Vesperia, Gears of Wars 2, maybe Halo 3, Fable 2, and Star Ocean 4

Wii: Tales of Symphonia 2, LoZ:TP, SSBB


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Ratchet & Clank
Call of Duty 4

Gears 1&2
Mass Effect
Tales of vesperia

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Super Robot Wars 360.

Fable 2.

That's all I got right now.

nmh: desperate struggle

castle crashers
rez hd
gears 2


there's probably others but that's all i can think of right now.

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I think thats everything.

Gears of war 1,2
Ninja gaiden 2