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Keep in mind that this is a parody. And its freaking hilarious.

Edit: it didn't work .......

If the above embed doesn't work ......
Here's the link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=_iYBmAVuBns

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LMFAO!!! that was funny, sounds just the sort of thing you'd here off the Grand Theft Auto radio stations.

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LOL. I wouldn't be able to hold my laugh if I were to read that script.

bump. other people need to see this.

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I saw this earlier. Good stuff.

I like the line "Wii Fit... Goes great with anything from IKEA."

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Ikea is also my favourite line from it.. the only one that was actually funny rather than just bagging it out


id never be able to get through half the script.

This put a big smile on may face. Good Find.

I'm pretty sure he couldn't either, it sounded like a bunch of sound bytes, and he was holding back laughter by the end clearly. Also, great.

See Ya George.

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