What console do you own the most games for?

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Title says it all...

I'm hoping I see a lot of ps2s as answers...


Ps2 is my answer.

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GC(13 games)

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Nintendo DS.

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PS2, but if I was honestly allowed to buy games back in the SNES days I would have more SNES.

Also I just got back my SNES, so project build snes collection begins!


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Gamecube with 17 games. I still plan on getting a few more too....

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By far the DS. Many dozens.

There was a time I had about 40 or 50 PS2 games so that does come in second.

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N64, closely followed by the PSP.

360 right now, but it was PS2 until recently when I gave away a lot of my stuff.

Though I have more PC games than anything else.

Had a lot of N64 games but most are now lost since it broke, PS2