Locked: the Blu-ray thread, will go on untill hddvds death.

Forums - Sony Discussion - the Blu-ray thread, will go on untill hddvds death.

for those wanting the 'official' word from Toshiba themselves, here are some links:



if that ^ doesn't work, go here


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RIP HD-DVD 2/19/08.

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It was GREAT fun, one of the best threads in this place.

ALOT of LULZ were had in this thread!

they should close the thread now,

Blue3 would have been happpy ...

Time to Work !

before we close thread... I wanna say VICTORY !!! The Future is Blu :D

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same here! awesome win, Toshiba is lowering its head in defeat.

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Why do I always see this thread in the Hot Topics? Is there something going on in here I don't want to know about?

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Seems a shame to close this thread. Its been here for so long.


Magnific0 you're magnificent lol, couldn't stop laughing, keep it going haha!

OT : About freakin time the format war is OVER!!!

BTW is this the record for most posts in a single thread in vgchartz history :O

Bluray.......smells like victory. Goodbye HD DVD you were so young.........

Next Battle: Bluray vs. DVD!