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What should I do?

Apologize and go home. 13 65.00%
Tough out and stick to my guns. 0 0.00%
Go back to being a whore because love sucks 2 10.00%
N64 would have been PS1 if it used CDs 5 25.00%

Sounds like you know what you need to do... just do it!

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TL;DR you need to swallow any pride you think you have, go back and apologise to your wife. From what I'm reading it seems she feels threatened/intimidated by how much your ex is in contact with you. You need to clear that shit up right now and let her know nothing is going on. Then you need to talk with your ex and set up some boundaries, how often she can call etc, since clearly every day is fucking your relationship with your wife. Also, don't let your ex use your daughter as a bargaining chip, otherwise you need to get yourself a lawyer!

Karma hurts. You tasted the forbidden fruit, a lot, so no wonder trust is low. Why do you answer the phone when your ex calls? Just ignore her and it will get less. Except now you're ignoring your new wife. Cut that shit out and go back, apologize, promise not to talk to your ex anymore. Anything important can be done by text. What's more important to you, a good relationship with your wife or with your ex.

You live in regret with the past and thats fine until your todays wife is the victim of it, it is understandable why she is suspicious of all those unneeded calls that can be avoided and if you go into defense that hard whenever she has a problem with it then it might even strengthen her belief that she needs to be untrusthy of you.

Do not damage what you build up with her just for pride,not worth it.

Clearly you already know what you should do, you're just looking for enough confirmation of it to outweigh your "pride." Stop being such a cliche and go do it already.

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d21lewis said:
sethnintendo said:
Do whatever shadow just said but I'd call first before going back to new house.

Already home. Nobody here but me. 😢

Did things work out in the end?

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

Yea we need the juicy details.

Just abandon everything and everyone, leave the country and start a new life in Argentina.

I went home Saturday afternoon. Some random shit happened including another phone call from my ex that pretty much prevented any kind of making up. I went to bed on one side of the house and my wife slept on the other. Sunday morning I woke up and was about to pack up and leave again...but I didn't. Instead I worked in the yard all day. She made dinner. We ate but there wasn't much conversation. I went to bed with her but got up after an hour and slept on the couch.

What I didn't mention in the op was how defensive I get when I'm criticized for something--even when it's totally my fault. I lashed out. Basically said that when I met her she was nothing and she doesn't contribute anything of worth. Totally not true but I'm an asshole. I made her cry and I made me cry for making her cry. But we're talking now (even though I'm at work) and I've mustered the strength to tell her : I'm sorry.

Also told me ex to STOP CALLING ME. It does nothing but cause problems.

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Good lad, i was quite sure you'd bang your ex the second night

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