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Barkley said:

The PS4 now doesn't feel nearly as dated and terrible to use as the PS3 did in 2012.

The Store on PS4 is getting closer and closer though.

OT: I better try to be on topic for once. It's a bit tricky for me as I only buy a console when I know that it has enough quality content to not be a disappointment. But I guess I can rank the ones I've owned (from best to worst).

Sony: 1)PS3  2)PS2  3)PS4  4)PS1  5)PSVita

Nintendo: 1)GBC  2)3DS  3)GameCube  4)GBA  5)N64

Microsoft: 1)XB360  2)XB

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I've basically liked every console from the current big three. But, if I have to choose, I'll go with XB 360 for hardware problems, PS3 for ridiculous price and hardware problems, and WiiU for that terrible gamepad that lagged like crazy and looked like something from the 90s.

Sony - PS3. Removed BWC and initial high price point (though that didn't affect me as I bought it when it was cheaper)
Microsoft - Xbox One. Lack of games/support
Nintendo - Wii U. Lack of games/support

Wii because i don't like motion controls. Forced motion controls ruined a lot of games for me.
In second place is Gamecube because it has one of the worst classic controllers in human history.

Xbox One because it has no compelling games. I just turn this gigantic brick on once a year to test a backwards compatible game for a few minutes.

I really do like all of their home consoles so i have to go to their handhelds.
There, Vita is by far their worst device ever made. Just one account per memory card and switching cards or even accounts is a hassle because it messes up all your installed games. Pretty bad and useless rear-touchpad instead of additional buttons which made remote play pretty much unusable. And the games library consists of either crappy japanese hardcore-otaku-games or games which are played better on other systems.

Nintendo: Wii- the Wii was pretty much the home of shovelware trying to make a quick buck on a gimmick... the waggle controls were not fun and Nintendo didn’t really release any games that I really like until the end of the generation... after petitions forced their hand to release xenoblade and the last story.

Sony: ps3 - the ps3 operated as a blu ray player for a big portion of that gen. Sony didn’t start releasing any good games until the end of the gen, also, multiplats played significantly worse for the most part on ps3 even though it was the more expensive and supposedly more powerful hardware.

Microsoft: Xbox one - This gen has been terrible for Microsoft. Their first party effort has been incredibly lacking. I waited until the x came out before I bought one and... really, it has acted as more of a paper weight. I literally never have any reason to turn it on. When I do... it is usually just to play a 360 game...

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- Lack of software overall. 3rd parties only offered ports and the first party titles were weak imo.
- Nintendo's worst controller: expensive, clunky and didn't utilise its features.
- Hardware capability was not of an acceptable standard for that gen.

Overall, the Wii U was mostly played for MK8, Splatoon and Mario Maker, all great games but nothing groundbreaking. A console that lacked any identity. The only real good thing about the Wii U was that a lot of its ideas evolved to the Switch.

- Most of the games I care for on Sony platforms happened during the PS2 era and on wards
- A lot of shovel ware games
- Even the good games aged really badly.

It's the only PS I did not own. At the time it was a revolution to the gaming industry but in terms of games, it always felt like a transitional console for the PS2, the console that 3D gaming really flourished in.

I've only played the 360 regularly out of Microsoft's home consoles, so I'm forced to pick between the XBone and the Xbox without any real playing time on them.

I feel though that Microsoft had a lot of influence on the gaming medium from the original XBox, and Halo+online at the time was insane, so I do have respect for it. The Xbone though felt like a regression to the amazing 360, and just never really distinguished itself from the PS4. That's the sole reason I'm picking it.


Burning Typhoon said:
For Sony, PS4, hands down. Low powered CPU, recycled last gen games, and just overall bad performance, (hence PS4 pro)
For Microsoft, Xbox One. Always on, always watching kinect. The fact they tried it.
For Nintendo, N64. I didn't grow up with Nintendo consoles. I don't like the Gamecube or N64 controllers, but the graphics on the N64 are worse than Gamecube. Also, cartridges, which meant worse sound than the PS1.

Jaguar is equal to the arm cpu cores inside the Switch..... plus the xbox One, is useing the same cores.
So is this true for all the consoles? why single out the PS4 for a low powered CPU, when its basically true for all the consoles atm?

"Recycled last gen games..."
---- Wii U / 3ds games on the Switch: 
Cpt Toad
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 1+2
New Super Luigi U
New Super Mario Bro's U
Lego City Undercover
Donkey Kong Country - Tropical freeze
Yo-kai Watch 1

^ all published by Nintendo btw.   Overall Switch probably has more "recycled" games than the PS4 does.

" just overall bad performance"

Its the main developement platform..... alot of games actually run better (fps wise) on Base PS4 + PX4pro than on the Xbox One X.
Again the Base Xbox (fat with the kinect) is by far the one that has the worse performance (in tests by DF, when it comes to fps ect).
If you mean in terms of resolution + graphics?...... again PS4 base comes out ahead of Xbox One + Switch..

Or do you mean in terms of hardware sales performance? Its over 100m sold....? I dont get this.

Why did I bother with this comment? cuz all 3 of your reasons for the PS4 dont make any sense at all lmao.

xbox side of things:

Xbox One. Always on, always watching kinect. The fact they tried it.

^ they changed that "always online part though", and took out the Kinect.
I agree the "fact that they tried it" leaves a bad taste though.

That kinect always watching thingy.... some guy actually spotted un-modded kinect models used in airports for security lol (resently).
It was super unlucky that before Xbox One launch, there was leaks about nsa spying on people without cause or warrents ect.
Alot of people where turned off by the kinect aspect because of it.... like MS just had bad luck with the timeing of all that.

Still today non of that is really relavant is it? they backtracked and fixed these things.

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Cool thread topic...

Nintendo: N64...the only Nintendo console I never bothered to own. It has plenty of great games on it, well the few games it has on it that are good are great I should say. There will never be a feeling in my life like the first time I played Mario 64, and there will probably never be a moment of awe like the opening to Ocarina of Time, but those gems are the pinnacle of that machine. Certainly there were other titles that came along that were entertaining like Goldeneye and the original Smash Bros, but the blockiness of all the titles just shows a gaming paradigm in transition from 2D to 3D, much the same way as many of our middle school photos showed us in a similarly embarrassing transition.

Sony: PS3...This one makes my list for no reason other than the fact that I associate corporate greed and arrogance with its unveiling. The price tag, the original boomerang controller, the lack of decent games. What was Sony thinking....oh yeah, they thought they were king of the world and that we'd all want to play with their Giant Crabs. Next! This console also ushered in a Sony that had no concern for a gamer like myself. The PS1/PS2 were such fun machines and they focused on one of my favorite genres: the colorful, zany 3D platformer. This console saw Sony make a very visible reach for an audience that Microsoft was courting, the "hardcore gamer." I'm not upset over this transition, though. It made the next almost 15 years as a gamer a lot cheaper as I've never had to worry about buying multiple consoles.

Microsoft: XBoxOne...Ask me three times and I'll give you three different answers. The original XBOX was an ugly behemoth (both the console and the controller) that was obviously playing for a new demographic that prefers things to be Xtreme! Yeah, I know Direct X was in the box, but that was a calculated, shrewd marketing move made to appeal to dudes that wouldn't be caught dead playing a Mario game, but became nerds over night when they found out all the realistic ways you could vent your frustrations while still maintaining your masculinity. Yeah, maybe this one has to go to the OG XBOX afterall. I was going to say the new one for the worst marketing name in all of gaming, but the origin of this entry into the console world altered forever the gaming landscape and created the COD generation. Thanks, Bill Gates.

Sogreblute said:
I assume we are including handhelds, so...
Microsoft: Xbox One, because of the severe lack of Japanese games.
Sony: PS Vita, because of the lack of compelling software (and Sony not supporting it after 2 years) that all other Playstation systems have that make them worth owning, and those memory cards.
Nintendo: Wii U, because of the lackluster Virtual Console, 3rd party games, and drought of Nintendo games.

Ok since it's home consoles only I'll change Sony to PS4.

The PS4 is a poorly built console. That damn thing gets so hot and the fan takes off like jet to the point I think my PS4 is going to melt. And this is a worldwide problem for all the models, so it's not just me. The lack of backwards compatibility for any PS system, lack of compelling software that the other 3 PS systems have, and mandatory installations (takes up my hard drive fast, even a 1 TB isn't enough). The last 2 points also goes for the Xbox One.

This generation just hasn't been doing it compared to others.

Microsoft - the OG Xbone. I was much more into PS2 back then. I didn’t get real into OG Xbox until later in it’s lifecycle and even then it was mostly a Madden/Rallisport machine. I did get one at launch for Halo, but I rarely used it for awhile after that. Of course, it was loaded with great games, I was just too busy playing SOCOM II to care. 

Sony - probably PS4. I despised the PS3 OS and how abysmally slow it was, but it had decent games and I played online more on there than 360 probably because my brothers went PS3 for free online play. PS4 though, Sony hasn’t really done shit this gen for me. Their games have slowed down and I haven’t been into the quirky Japanese shit since I was a teenager. 

Nintendo - I never owned a GCN but I’m still picking the WiiU. It was a shit show in every regard.