Will Cyberpunk beat Skyrim sales?

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Skyrim vs Cyberpunk

Yes, but will take more time 6 13.64%
Yes, in less time 4 9.09%
Never 34 77.27%

Not even close.

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Lryu222 said:
CDPR is definitely expecting to ship around 20M units in Q1 2020 alone.

Yea, analysts are expecting 20 Kk in shipment in the first quarter alone, mainly now they are seeing bigger pre orders numbers than The Witcher 3 for the same amount of time.

Hard to tell but I will say no for the time being.

Maybe. If the game is ported to every device imaginable including grandmas abacus.

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Maybe if it had also Sandra Bullock and not just Keanu Reeves.

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question is , can another bethesda game sell that now they fucking ruined every bit of good reputation they had


I guess not, fantasy settings are more popular on RPGs, even a very popular non-fantasy RPG series like Fallout needed three titles on many platforms to sell more than 30M.

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Shiken said:

Depends on whether or not Cyberpunk gets ported to toasters, potatoes, and smart cars.

It might go on streaming services, how do you track that? Unless they're all like google stadia and you still have to buy the game.

Standard high fantasy is way more popular than anything sci-fi. Can it sell more than Fallout 4, probably not.
Fallout 4 sold some 15 million units. Deus Ex games don't even pass the 5 million. Mass Effect games are under 5 million, yet for some reason people expect this to beat 30 million? Witcher 3 sold some 20 million copies. So I'm guessing 10 million as sci-fi is half or less as popular as fantasy.

Streaming services will grarantee it will be playable in any device with a screen and internet connection capabilites.

Well their are many Keanu reeves fans so if they all buy one it will sell a few billion.