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Rate the 2019 Xbox E3 Conference

10 2 3.23%
9 3 4.84%
8 8 12.90%
7 11 17.74%
6 18 29.03%
5 9 14.52%
4 6 9.68%
3 2 3.23%
2 2 3.23%
1 1 1.61%

Just pumping out the games.

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Double Fine joins Xbox, nice little buy for them that.

They really need to stop buying everyone...

Double fine? Never heard of them. Microsoft buying their way to success it seems lol

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Never been a fan of doublefine... lol

Not a fan of buying studios either.

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I liked Brütal Legend.

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Amazon June 2019 thread

Double Fine came out of the blue.

Graphics look the same as the first one. lol

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Don't give a shit what anyone says, the LEGO Star Wars games are top quality.