Pokemon Direct - June 5th 2019 @6am PT/9am EST/2pm BST/10pm JST

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Looks like a lot of fun. Will be my first Pokémon since Diamond.

Yeah, Sword & Shield is going to sell like pancakes.

Dynamax is straight up the dumbest thing ever

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As a Dark Souls fan I didn't expect Sif to show up as a Pokémon in this one .. but looking closely at the logos again it seems you could have guessed both of the main legendaries would be wolves.

I'm 30 and i really might buy a core Pokemon game since pokemon RED... 20 years ago

Could've been worse. As far as dumb new gimmicks go, Dynamax is basically a sillier and more broken Mega Evolution, which is definitely a better thing than what we got in Sun/Moon. Everything else was fine. Really liked that raven Pokémon, and both legendaries look really cool. Grookey is weirdly starting to grow on me, too. The region looks nice and it's good to know you'll have camera control in some areas, at least. And your rival being the champion's younger sibling is a pretty cool story setup, though it's not exactly too difficult to predict where they're going with it.

Overall, I'm fine with this. Still cautiously hyped for it, but with each passing announcement, the chances of a major disappointment are reduced. Not expecting great things from this game, but if it becomes the first good Pokémon game in 6 years, for me, that'll do.

The Trailer was SUPPER HYPE!!!
- They included pokemons wandering around (but seems like only in that main area)
- That main area allows you to freely move the camera and it seems really big!
- They added the raid battles from Pokemon GO to team up with other players local or online is very neat!!
- The characters look well made!
- the Dynamax is interesting! But the visual effects of the max skill will look AMAZING on TV!!
- The legendaries also look interesting. I do like how one of them have a knife/sword on his mouth! Might actually get the Sword version.


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twintail said:
Dynamax is straight up the dumbest thing ever

They literally just did Z-Moves