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With Biden's constant gaffes and errors, I am starting to find Warren more palatable.

And yes, her willingness to work with the Democratic party, cooperative tone with the "establishment", and tone of unity are a huge plus for me.

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haxxiy said:

I don't agree with Gabbard for many obvious reasons, as I've stated before, but to be fair her criticism of the DNC polls criteria is fair. Monmouth can pull out a poll with 298 people and a whopping 6% m.o.e. and this is accepted, while Morning Consult can poll 17,000 and it isn't. The former effectively makes for a randomizer on who will and who won't be accepted in the next debates for the 1 - 2% crowd (even though non-online polls have shown to be more accurate to voter demographics in the last two elections).

Didn't the DNC also disregard a previously-stated threshold regarding polls?  Like, they promised candidates they'll assess averages from almost-20 disparate polls for determining averages?  Strange shell game they're playing.

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Jaicee said:

Wow. Bernie Sanders people are even more narrow-minded than I thought. ELIZABETH WARREN, who is running on a platform objectively LEFT OF Bernie's (think not just single-payer health care and tuition-free college and a $15/hour minimum wage, but also breaking up the tech giants, giving workers a minimum 40% ownership stake in the companies they work for, etc.), is a pro-corporate, establishment tool? Really?

There's no question that Warren is a registered and committed partisan Democrat, but I guess that's just not a dividing line for me when it comes to candidates running to be the Democratic Party's nominee for president

There is also no question that she has a race problem when it comes to who is supporting her as yet, but would point out that so did Bernie Sanders back in 2016 when the nation was first being introduced to him at this same level. But Krystal Ball is full of it when it comes to the income breakdown of her supporters. Warren regularly polls in third among low-income Americans, mirroring her overall position in the polls (which has mostly been third place). I would also duly remind the reader that Warren's average campaign contribution size in the second quarter was $28, which is exactly what that of Bernie Sanders was in 2016, and is only half that of candidates like Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg. And that Warren does not take corporate donations or attend high-dollar fundraisers.

As to all this "glowing media coverage" that Warren has received, one wonders whether Krystal Ball has been paying attention in the last two weeks because most of it that I've seen has focused on her "Pocahantas problem", as it's being termed, now that it's clear she's not going away.

If Bernie Sanders supporters really and truly believe that ELIZABETH WARREN is the establishment candidate in this race and their worst enemy bar none, then I have to conclude that what Bernie Sanders has going for him is called a personality cult.

This message brought to you by one of those "wealthy white liberal elites" on food stamps who supports Elizabeth Warren.

Generalizing Bernie supporters and then in the same post decrying the generalization of Warren supporters is hardly fair and is disingenuous.

While I don't agree with everything Ball said in the video she raises a valid concern in Warren's assurance to the establishment Democrats who are extremely corporate friendly that she's aligned with them. Working within your party is expected but only time will tell if Warren's assurance here means something else entirely like that of what Ball describes.

In defense of Ball, Warren's ideology wasn't put into scrutiny in this video, in fact even after this opinion piece she has openly defended Warren on the show. There's no question Warren is running a progressive campaign. I don't believe she's saying Warren's pro-corporate because of this report just that it could be concerning in the long run. And she considers just Sanders, Biden, and Warren to be the only viable candidates. So when she says Warren polls last in low-income Americans she's correct when taken into her context as illustrated by you.

Regardless this will help Warren and it's a very smart move. It exploits one of Bernie's weaknesses in that his support with establishment Democrats is incredibly weak.

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LMAO. That Krystal Ball video is radical echo chamber lunacy. Breitbart-level propaganda.

Then again, she is the same person who spent 7 minutes acting as Tulsi (another lunatic) apologist.

And frankly, it's not even worth pursuing that kind of audience. Nothing will ever be enough, and everyone will always be the "establishment's pick". Can do without those votes.

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Gillibrand is out https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/28/politics/gillibrand-drops-out-of-race/index.html

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melbye said:
Gillibrand is out https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/28/politics/gillibrand-drops-out-of-race/index.html

Good. I really did not like how during her senate election she promised not to run for President if she won and she did a few months later.


morenoingrato said:

LMAO. That Krystal Ball video is radical echo chamber lunacy. Breitbart-level propaganda.

Then again, she is the same person who spent 7 minutes acting as Tulsi (another lunatic) apologist.

And frankly, it's not even worth pursuing that kind of audience. Nothing will ever be enough, and everyone will always be the "establishment's pick". Can do without those votes.

Why don't you like Tulsi?

Any group of the Democrat electorate who actually vote are worth pursuing. Ignoring and dismissing a good portion of the electorate won't do any candidate good. An overwhelming majority of Bernie supporters/primary voters voted for Hillary in the 2016 general election and she's the embodiment of an establishment Democrat. These people aren't blind and tone deaf when it comes to the reality of the situation, had they not voted in the general for her she would've lost the popular vote as well.

As for Warren, we'll have to wait and see what develops of this story if anything develops at all. Regardless, she's an amazing, strong candidate and I'd happily vote for her in the general if it came down to it as she's my second choice.


melbye said:
Gillibrand is out https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/28/politics/gillibrand-drops-out-of-race/index.html

Just like I predicted last week

She still had about 9M cash on hand from her fundraisers, so whatever she will do now (probably defend her seat in the senate), she'll have the money to do it.

As I expected, Tulsi didn't reach the required polling % based off the highly selective bs cherry picked "approved" polls of the DNC - despite her reaching the threshold in a ton of others... Fuck the DNC, I'm still supporting her. Donated to her all ready and this makes me want to do it again. I think the Dems weren't too keen on her destroying one of their establishment darlings, Kamala Harris, in the last debate haha.

At least she's still technically in the race, and Andrew Yang - my second favorite candidate is go for the next debate. Though I have a bad feeling he's next on the chopping block when it comes to boxing out "undesirable" candidates. And I truly think they're going to come for Bernie yet AGAIN - though he's a ways off, well after they get Yang..

I can tell already - the establishment lapdops are Biden, Harris (though she received a major blow thanks to Tulsi), and to a lesser extent, Warren. They will absolutely be the last 3 standing. You can take it to the bank - bookmark it if you want lol. You can just tell based off the media favoritism and the shouting of "RUSSIA!! Secret Trumper!" "Assad apoligist!!1" to those who oppose them.

Have mixed feeling about Warren at least, would consider voting for her. Absolutely would NOT vote for Biden or Harris.