How many years you've been diabetic?

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Poll for these years as diabetic

1-5 years 0 0.00%
6-10 years 2 100.00%
11-15 years 0 0.00%
16-20 years 0 0.00%
21-25 years 0 0.00%
26-30 years 0 0.00%
30+ years 0 0.00%

Zero, though I should all things considered

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My wife's a diabetic. Not too bad, though. Still kinda sucks and it can be scary some times.

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dx11332sega said:
Immersiveunreality said:

how tall are you?

5'8 . I used to be 235lbs in 2015 I shed lbs per year 

Alright firstly well done on losing that weight,try to make it this years goal to lose another 26 lbs and the next step after that could be gaining some muscles but no need to start with powertraining as you can gain the first growth through cardio combined with healthy eating.