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Which console will sell more and by how much?

Switch by 20 million plus 9 6.92%
Switch by 15-20 million 1 0.77%
Switch by 10-15 million 10 7.69%
Switch by 5-10 million 44 33.85%
Switch by under 5 million 44 33.85%
PS4 by under 5 million 14 10.77%
PS4 by 5-10 million 2 1.54%
PS4 by 10-15 million 1 0.77%
PS4 by 15-20 million 1 0.77%
PS4 by 20 million plus 4 3.08%

I think they'll be about the same, in the 15 to 17 million range. I picked PS4 in the poll because even isn't an option

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My estimate would be 15 million PS4, 17,5 million Switches. Sure pokémon will sell greatly, but so did Smash.

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PS4 probably does 16m or so in 2019.
Meanwhile the Switch should have a 20m year.

I think it likely the difference between the two could be under 5m this year.
However pretty sure Switch wins 2019 handly, with atleasat near 5m lead.

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Switch by 5-10 million

Especially if a new version of the Switch releases. 

Switch will win and sell over 20m units. 2018 didn't go as planned for Nintendo: Labo didn't do as well as they expected, Pokémon was a bit underwhelming sales-wise and the first half of the year relied on ports a lot. Also, the Switch is still very expensive for the handheld portion of the market and 2019 should see the first price drop for the system with the 3DS slowly being faded out and software support focused evermore on Switch. The Switch has the potential to sell 25m units but only if the line-up is very strong and they drop the price of the system.

Sony on the other hand will be focused on PS5 development and probably have a slightly weaker line-up this year. I'll just guess and say the PS4 will do 15m this year. Still great numbers but PS5 is more important at this point.

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12M ps4.

I think the Switch will sell more consistently this year, instead of being so loaded during the holidays. And it has more room to grow compared to PS4.

So, I think Switch wins by at least 3 million.

Yeah, I think the Switch will outsell the ps4 but 2:1? No chance. Even if the ps4 drops to 15 million, the Switch would have to sell 30. Twice the amount that it managed in 2018.

zorg1000 said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:
I think Switch can sell about 25m in 2019, assuming they are able to manufacture and ship that much. Not sure how many the PS4 will sell though. I think Switch will be above PS4 by at least 10m though. So Switch by 10-15m.

That's ridiculous

My prediction isn't breaking any "all time" records.  I don't see why you'd call it ridiculous.

Keybladewielder said:
Eagle367 said:
Alright who voted the PS4 will sell more? I wanna know how in the world they can still think that. But my estimates are switch by around 4-8mil, the range is so large because I have no idea how hard PS4 falls or what comes for the switch. Switch is 20mil+ for the year easy but PS4 might sell 15mil+ again so I have no idea.
By the way what was the number for the peak year of PS4? I think switch can beat that this year

20.2 million in 2017.

I also think the Switch can beat that number this year, especially if there's a hardware revision.

Yeah easily even. I have hopes that switch can sell more in the early years but of course PS4 will have more legs. I hope both reach 120mil and nextbox does much better because I want the market to be healthy and thriving for all gamers' sake

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