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Predict based on what you think Japanese sales will be for 2019 based on Media Create for the Switch and PlayStation 4. Everything else is dead, or near death, so that is why I left it for the only two alive.  

2017: 3,312,619
2018: 3,534,165

2017: 1,791,736
2018: 1,726,031

My own prediction (based on various things):
Switch: 3,753,216
PS4: 1,381,566

First week of Japan so far:
Switch: 199,982
PS4: 117,182

Bonus: PS5 launch 2019 in Japan? Nope!

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Prediction: Nintendo Switch sells 30 million until the end of 2018


I think PS4 will have a minor drop, while the Switch gets a small boost.

My prediction (japan 2019)
Switch = ~3,800,000
PS4 = ~1,600,00

also think this will be the Nintendo Switch's Peak year, ei after 2019, sales will slow down abit for it.

Edit: Near Q3 I also expect the Switch will have passed the PS4 in total sales, in japan.

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I was going to write my predictions about PS4 and Switch this year, but then i saw your post Acevil and i agree 100%. Best prediction i saw in this site in a long time .

If Pokemon gen 8th for Chrismass 2019 :

Switch : 5M
PS4 : 1,2M

If No Pokemon :

Switch : 4,3M
PS4 : 1,3M

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Switch: 4.5M
PS4: 1.3M

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I’m thinking with Pokémon Gen 8 and Animal Crossing coming Switch will have a great year in Japan

Switch -4.9Mil
PS4 -1.35

Switch - 5M (because Animal Crossing and Pokémon will launch this year)
PS4 - 1.8M (More bundles and other price cuts will boost the sales)


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Shikamo said:

Switch - 5M (because Animal Crossing and Pokémon will launch this year)
PS4 - 1.8M (More bundles and other price cuts will boost the sales)

I wanted to go with super healthy 5 million myself, but I am using the assumption that both will be towards the very end, and they will be more leggy, namely in regards to animal crossing. If my prediction ends up being right, I think 2020 will be healthy as well. The other assumption I am making is that the revision is more in line with a pro model of the device. I also tried to not necessarily assume price cut effect in either devices, even if it might seem logical to do so.