What JRPG has the best soundtrack you´ve ever heard?

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Since no one has mentioned it yet I go with Lost Odyssey.

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Lufia 2 on the SNES oddly resonates with me.

Some of Final Fantasy 8's on the PS1 was good.

Persona 5!

I bought the entire soundtrack on iTunes and have it all on my phone. Gotta support the composers and developers for their hard work whenever I can!

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Persona 3-4-5 , couldn't get P4's heartbeat heartbreak out of my head also FF8 for Liberi fatali , if it wasn't just jrpg's it would have been Journey.

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FFXV if you include the DLC has a pretty damn good soundtrack. Episode Ignis theme and Comrades theme are both magnificent.

I think best ever probably has to be Xenoblade Chronicles though.

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I could I forget about these two ?!

Shogo Sakai who's done Mother 3 soundtrack needs to be congratulate for some of the best leitmotif in all of gaming towns history !!

Meanwhile, I shall also mention Etrian Odyssey which has one of the best composer to produce overly long and great orchestral battle theme !

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For me it's either Xenoblade Chronicles or NieR Automata. Hard to choose which I prefer because both have glorious soundtracks.

Edit: Chrono Trigger is also tied with the other two, how could I forget about it.

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Don't really have a big pool to choose from but the obvious choice is Xenoblade 1. Probably one of my favorites overall

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My favorite is Final Fantasy VII, but I find most Final Fantasy games have exceptionally good soundtracks.

Chrono cross and terranigma.