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John2290 said:
Terrible title for recognition. Should have been called infinity war part 2, I glanced at so many news stories thinking it was the new Marvel game for Switch. If it was'nt forced into my youtube feed, I still wouldn't know it's the sequel. Hope they get the promotional material right and pull a "live, die, repeat" with the "part 2" tagline or they would get up to that 2 billion mark again.

This movie is so expected that they could just call whatever they want. They will print big bucks.

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I think most people don't even want to see a trailer. And this one although not special broke the record of most viewed trailer on any platform with quite a big margin compared to Infinity War (2nd). I'm glad this the trailer we got and hope there won't be any more.


PS4 will sell 25 million units before 31st of March!

Edit: I didn't state what year! HAHA, so I'm still right in some sense

It was just a teaser and it showed very little, which is sort of expected. This movie could come out without releasing any trailer and people will still go watch it.

Darwinianevolution said:
It needs a better trailer. Plus we are all still enthralled with the latest Smash announcement. Plus, you know, Smash being out and all...

^This. At least it ended on a high note.

Everyone Else: We blew it.

Ant-Man: *knock knock knock* Hey, remember me? :D

There's no need to talk about it, honestly. The last movie was satisfying enough that fan speculation / "theories" seem unnecessary. Spoilery garbage-tier clickbait will get shared around on social media anyway.

Disney should have just saved money and put a 30 second screen containing the title and release date. Anyone who saw the last installment will need zero enticing to see the followup; even people annoyed with how Avengers 3 ended will still eventually go to this one to see the ending after hearing friends hype it up.

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I always greatly enjoy the Avengers movies but I never really follow the hype.

This will probably happen to Cap in Endgame 

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Not talking about it cause kind of busy with this lol




Faelco said:
irstupid said:
Probably cause it was a super boring trailer.

It's a first trailer, there will be other ones, and they don't want to tell too much. Obviously, we can't expect to see too much in the trailers... 

lol a lot of movies sadly reveal everything good in the trailer and then the movie sucks. I rather a boring trailer then be supervised by the movie then have it all revealed through 4-5 trailers.



I'm getting Matrix Revolutions vibes. Yeah IW was great but I don't think this one will do as well.