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So good to see Celeste up there multiple times. Fully deserving of those nominations.

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Cool to see Ni No Kuni 2 and Mega Man 11 nominated for something:)

Too much Spider-Man imho. Game is the definition of average, just has a Marvel license.

I should buy Celeste. Will give me something to play on the Switch. Glad Madden wasn’t nominated on sports.

God Of War will win GOTY, while RDR 2 will clean up every other category its in. My prediction.

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If it were up to me I'd give game of the year to Black Ops 4. AC. Odyssey is the only good GOTY nominee they have imo.

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I forgot to say that I thought this was the first time I heard of Celeste, but it turned out that it was already on my Steam wishlist, so not the first time. That said, I have like 700 items on my Steam wishlist, so no wonder I don't remember most of them...

Only award I'm really interested in is the Strategy one, and I'm honestly hoping that Frostpunk wins it, since it's a damn good game that's good at making me feel like trash.

Everything else is rather meh to me game award wise. This year in general has been rather meh for me though.


MLB The Show gets shafted for best sports game nearly every year.....some trash like Mario Tennis gets in though. Bigger disgrace than FH not getting a goty....sport games rarely ever do

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No XC 2? Boooooooooooo

Nautilus said:
No XC 2? Boooooooooooo

To be fair, the only category where it was likely to get a nomination was Best RPG, and all 5 of the Best RPG nominations did review higher than Xenoblade Chronicles 2 except for Octopath, which it tied at 83 on metacritic. The artstyle change to a more anime looking aesthetic was controversial, so a Best Art Direction nomination was highly unlikely. Maybe it should have gotten a Soundtrack nomination, I'm not sure there as I haven't heard much of it's soundtrack.