PS4 Won February NPD (PS4: 363K, XBO: 310K, NSW: 279K)

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If only we could get those sweet digital sales from Ninty. These rankings would look a bit different 😋

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quickrick said:
Replicant said:

Yet again, happy to see all 3 consoles doing great

That'll hopefully keep everyone at their toes going into next gen.


Lol you're giving PS4 owners (if that is what you are) a bad rap.

Switch just had the 2nd best 1st February ever only behind Wii. I can't see how that translates to losing momentum.

switch has the second best FEB means nothing, most of those consoles leaders wii, ps2, ps4, and 360 suffered shortages, aside from that switch has been on the market for a year by the time its first' February came, unlike others where it was like 2 months so it had much better selection of games. as for the momentum comment, oh come on, its obvious if switch sold 400k it would be ok to say its gaining momentum right? so why isn't ok to say it looked like it lost a bit momentum this month when its been doing ps4 numbers every month?

I realise, it came across a bit harsh. I apologies.

It's just that March, April, etc. NPD threads will be full of tiring mockery if you end up being wrong (about Labo flopping and Switch flatlining yoy).

And personally, even considering other consoles' shortages and Switch's larger (1 year) selection of games, I still don't see Switch's 279k February as losing momentum. Switch is still relatively new and consoles usually peak in their 3rd or 4th year. I know PS4 is in its 5th but it looks to be able to stay flat or even up yoy. MHW and to a lesser extent DBF ran with most of the attention while Switch didn't have a big release in February.

I don't know how Switch will fare in the coming months and I think it's quite early to declare anything about future momentum. However, if you end up being right (about Labo flopping and Switch flatlining yoy), I (and hopefully many others) will take most of the criticism back.


poklane said:


    Shadow of the Colossus at number 6 is better than I expected.

    I really like that game.

    haxxiy said:

    Anyway, with these numbers both on the US and Japan, I can't see the Switch selling anywhere close to do ~20m or above this year, like the Wii and DS on their big years. It's outperformed badly by both of them, looking at their numbers from 2007, 2008 and 2009.

    The rumored 20m forcast is for next fiscal year shipments, not calender year sales.

    When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

    I think it's pretty crazy that PS4 has done so well while remaining $299 for almost two years. Imagine what will happen when it hits $199 permanently.

    Miyamotoo said:

    Obviously, one month Switch is not first and we are back to Nintendo is doomed agenda. :)

    No one is claiming Nintendoomed. There is nothing wrong with Switch losing momentum. It would be completely normal. Nintendo will probably get it back with another major first party release like Pokemon. But for now, Switch does seem to be losing momentum. 

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    thismeintiel said:
    I think it's pretty crazy that PS4 has done so well while remaining $299 for almost two years. Imagine what will happen when it hits $199 permanently.

    The craziest part is that its only down ~8% YOY in Feb despite last year having a $50 discount.

    When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

    gcwy said:

    But for now, Switch does seem to be losing momentum. 

    In what way is it losing momentum though? Here are the monthly totals along with weekly average excluding launch month and the holidays.

    April 2017-280k, 70k/week

    May 2017-165k, 41k/week

    June 2017-215k, 43k/week

    July 2017-220k, 55k/week

    August 2017-210k, 52k/week

    September 2017-315k, 63k/week

    October 2017-295k, 74k/week

    January 2018-270k, 54k/week

    February 2018-280k, 70k/week


    Average month-250k, 58k/week


    I just cant see how anybody can say its losing momentum based on the available data. Sure, it did less than many expected and it was outsold by XBO/PS4 this month but those things have nothing to do with momentum.

    When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

    Miyamotoo said:
    Lawlight said:

    The PS4 is in its 5th year. No one expects it to win any month against a first year console.

    What you wrote dont make any sense, consoles usauly have better sales later not in its first year, last year was PS4s peak year until now, and now plenty people saying that this one can be even better. Also PS3 also had peak year around 5. year on market.

    You’re wrong. Consoles don’t usually sell better in their 5th year than a newer system. You’re also wrong in comparison the Switch to a PS console because PS systems have staggered launches unlike the Switch which had a simultaneous worldwide release. And comparison the PS3’s 5th year to any other system? The PS3 launched at $599. It wasn’t affordable until much later in its life cycle unlike the Switch which was affordable at launch.

    Also, will you admit that the Switch hasn’t sold as well as you expected this year so far in the US?

    BlackBeauty said:
    The PS4 is down YOY.

    Time for 5.

    It’s still $299. Calm down.

    quickrick said:
    RolStoppable said:

    And after May NPD?

    labo will flop, and switch will flat line this year, and  that's if nintendo drops the price during the holidays

    I very much doubt that Switch's success is contingent on something like Labo, if that's what you're suggesting?
    I think kids will eat that up, but even if they don't I expect Switch to sell better in its second year than its first.
    If it does that, would you consider that flatlining depending on how much more it sold? What do you consider flatlining? And why do you think that will happen anyway?
    One month of sales is not really a proper indication of long term sales.

    Alkibiádēs said:
    StreaK said:

    There's just one problem:

    Switch pretty much released with the TWO best games it's ever going to have, right out of the gate. BOTW AND Mario Odyssey!!! So basically, it should be selling at its best right now unlike the PS4 which did awesome numbers with nothing out on it. A Sony console has NEVER released out of the gate with its TOP AAA franchises. 

    Are you saying PS fans will buy anything as long as it has a PS logo on it?

    Because that's not something to brag about.

    There's a difference between buying a box of cereal because it has Ratchet & Clank on it, to feeling comfortable investing in a system early on because you know what kind of games you can expect for it down the line. Playstation consoles have been rather consistent with their software offerings. So they haven't given people any reason to worry that *insert game" suddenly won't appear on the system to any notable degree.

    kirby007 said:
    quickrick said:

    UltimateGamer1982 said:
    PS4 is doomed!!!! Xd. But seriously congrats to Nintendo. If PS4 still couldn’t win with monster hunter, I don’t see it winning too many months this year, if any. Depending how this year goes, Sony might start thinking of a 2019 ps5 launch. Which will make PS4 6 years old by that point.

    he has been repeating ps4 can't compete a few times, mentioned a few times it will fall off a cliff. 

    so did he say anything really aside from the ps4 is doomed? which he shows is a joke directly afterwards??? hes not preaching like its the truth....
    If this is everything FML.. stop grasping at straws

    Correct me if I'm wrong here. But wasn't quickrick's initial comment that it seems as if Switch is losing momentum? Not "Switch is doomed"?
    If that is the case, the comparison to be made here would be on the part of the comment he bolded, rather than the "PS4 is doomed" part.
    Unless I missed something. And you two seem to have some history I'm not aware of, so that is possible.

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