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eh so what ? i got no email, i just checked psn and yep its there. Thats all that matters.

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I'm not claiming that the Betas are bad or whatever I'm just saying I have bad luck. If someone spins this as Sony being stupid again I will lose my mind...

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Diomedes1976 said:
I have seen the trailer from the PSN in my PS3 and it sure looks great .Great graphics for a downloadable game ,thats for sure .

Well, it can. It's a 12-or so millions dollars project that should have been fully released with a solo campaign before the whole team clash...

Also, anyone who's in and also has played Battlefield 2 on the PC? If so, how do they compare? Cause if this is as good as that game or plays like it then I will be playing this game more than anything in the next year.

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ckmlb said:
I'm not claiming that the Betas are bad or whatever I'm just saying I have bad luck. If someone spins this as Sony being stupid again I will lose my mind...

 And I'm not claiming that I didnt get in because Sony is being stupid. Its just that there is no way, afaik, that you can tie your PSN account to your playstation underground account, so when it comes to signing up for betas something can fall through the cracks.

There are better ways to do this. But then again, just look at all the issues with the Halo 3 beta, so Sony is doing a better job than MS - plus they seem to have a better beta program.

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I want to try that game out. I would only fly though in the warhawk universe.

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Controls. analog stick works good, but the more crazy manovers are easier to pull of using the six axis (but takes some gettin used to) the whole waggle bs actually works pretty damn good (a nice surprise)

DaBIAS said:
if its that slow it might be your connection.

No, my connection is fine. It was just that they were getting slammed. I ran a speed test and the results were:

Last Result:
Download Speed: 11685 kbps (1460.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1420 kbps (177.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

And that was while I was downloading.

I finally got to play last night and the game is awesome...when you get to play. It freezes a lot and I have to restart the PS3. I also fail to join a lot of games. The best part of the game is easily flying the warhawks. Making it rain on the people on the ground...lol. But even the ground combat is awesome. I like capture the flag the best.

DaBIAS is a Sony shill.

Ban his ass.

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First, I'm not entirely certain that DaBias is anything more than very avid Sony fan. Second, even if he were proven to be a corporate lackey, I'm not a big fan of banning people simply because they're shills.


Ban people for cursing, being cruel, rude, or obnoxious. Ban them for deliberately inciting flamewars, ban them for hate speech. Ban them for obscene pictures or statements.

But don't ban them simply because they really, really, really like one console. Just my opinion.