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niceguygameplayer said:
spemanig said:
"Even the PS2 could not match that in only 5 years. The DS and Wii didn't either."

Let me introduce you to the phrase "theres a first time for everything."

That is true, but Nintendo cannot even produce that many. 

"but Nintendo cannot even produce that many."

Let me introduce you to the phrase "theres a first time for everything."

Well, this is new.


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Captain_Yuri said:
niceguygameplayer said:

Because I'm the voice of reason during the temporary Switch craze.

I could have sworn it wasn't April fools yet

Lol.That's what I basically meant about the outrageous 130 million claim.

JC317 said:
Given that 'virtually impossible' still means there's a chance, you're probably more optimistic about this than some users of the forum. What you're looking for might be 'literally impossible'

Also I'll miss seeing you around for a while Alchemist, I feel similar to how you feel, but I don't want to get banned either

Vgchartz likes to ban ppl, but I am all for free speech. I welcome even haters. Their words can't kill me. I don't want him, me, or anyone to be banned unless the person just really harasses someone. 

IkePoR said:
I did it! I guessed who made this thread before clicking on it! What do I win guys?!

I guess I am known for this type of thread. 

StarDoor said:
niceguygameplayer said:

Where did you get your information that DS was that successful in 5 years?

Switch launch: Q1 2017
23 quarters later: Q4 2022

DS launch: Q4 2004
23 quarters later: Q3 2010


DS sales as of Q3 2010: 135.58 million

My mind is sound.

Uh... I never commented on the soundness of your mind...?

I meant that Sony could copy Switch for maximum success, but they don't need to to stop Switch from reaching 130 million. Vita was not a PSP2. Sony did not back it up like PSP. And PSP was very successful at over 80 million sold! Just because Sony did not beat DS doesn't mean that another try would be unsuccessful. 

So you think that Sony could take its current development resources and support two consoles, instead of only supporting PS4 like they are doing right now?

I meant that I'm not being hypocritical and that my mind was sound when I spoke of Sony copying Switch and not copying Switch. I think Sony could support 2 systems. They did great with PS2 and PSP. 

DarthMetalliCube said:

People laugh, but this could actually happen. Let's not forget the DS ended up selling more than this, and Switch is also essentially a handheld. Is it likely? No. Possible? Certainly.

I think numbers like these are possible, but over the course of a decade or so, certainly not 5 years. It'd be a tall order for Nintendo to even ship those kind of numbers in 5 years at the rate they're going, let alone sell them.

Thank you for a nice and reasonable response without anger or hate. I think it's remotely possible, but it's an outlandish claim when Nintendo can't even produce 25+ million a year right now and it is early on, so there is no telling how switch will do at year 2, let alone 5. 

Let's not get ahead of ourselves

Mr.GameCrazy said:
It's unlikely, but not impossible imo.

That's why I said Virtually impossible. At this early stage, the claim is too much. I highly doubt Nintendo will be able to even produce that much, even if demand is that high. 

Jranation said:
Hey guys! Lets make a thread on every news article or an opinion I disagree with!

If I did I'd have to quit my job and post full time. I disagree with a lot more than you know. 

niceguygameplayer said:

"Are you actually saying that Mario isn't kiddie? If Mario isn't kiddie, what is? That's not an insult, it is a reality."

"You said "hell." That is a curse word."

....Prime examples of why your posts could use some work. 

"This latest claim is just so outrageous that it made me angry."

Why would a claim from a third party company about how successful a Nintendo console might be get you angry? See, this is what i'm talking about. Pretend the Switch didn't exist and that the PS5 was the Switch and it released in 2019, and it sold at the same rate as the Switch. You wouldn't have this reaction. 

And you want to make it sound like your being fair, but your first response is to get angry, and then write about how the Switch will wear out ... become less successful than it could be ... and then talk about how super duper awesome it would be if Playstation just did the same exact thing as the Switch with small variations.

Like, can you not see how that seems like bait, or at the very least somewhat toxic? And I get you don't want to make enemies, but with all due respect people have criticized your posts and demeanor and you never change based on it. I've already said you were alright, I obviously don't want to hate your or anything - and I don't hate you. Your posts are just bad. And if I did the same thing, i'd want someone to snap me out of it. Honestly.

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I agree the thread is sorta pointless, but can we stop attacking the OP.......I like how he is declared "nintendo hater" when he himself predicts between 75-100 million switches sold lt.......yeah the first threads he did sorta outraged me and many others, but now they are fine.

Bet with Intrinsic:

The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.

* Reminder *

Attacking the Topic Creator isn't going to continue. If this isn't your cup of tea, you can exit the thread. If you'd like to discuss what's in here, feel free to do so.


Only certain individuals on this site would find this even remotely possible. Anyone with common sense knows otherwise. The only conceivable way for this to happen would be if A) Switch took over the third party market as the primary console for multiplat gamers (NEVER happening), and B) if it somehow revitalized the portable market outside of Japan. B is possible, but extremely unlikely. Smartphones are stronger than ever, and the very dwindling 3DS hardware sales have shown just how far the dedicated portable market has fallen. Call me crazy, but I genuinely believe Switch sells much more as a home console than as a dedicated portable. The portability has obviously played a factor in its success so far, but it's also already had some of Nintendo's best games of the last several years, which is more or less the main reason for said success.

Switch will do great. I don't think it'll hit Wii numbers, but it will definitely do far better than Nintendo's other home consoles. I'm thinking 80-85M lifetime before a theoretical successor/ interative upgrade releases, so basically that amount in 5 years or so.

0331 Happiness is a belt-fed weapon

It wont even reach 80m lifetime so its not possible to sell 130m in 5-6 years.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
niceguygameplayer said:

Because I'm the voice of reason during the temporary Switch craze.

Or it could be because literally your entire existence on this site is to contribute shitty threads that have no value, no interesting speculations, and just serve as a platform for you to call Nintendo kiddie or to say yet another negative thing about the Switch.

Believe it or not instead of creating an entire thread about your unoriginal opinion you can easily just go in any of the other threads and post a comment. Amazing, I know. 

Can I ask what's making you so upset? Let the guy do his topic if he wants to. You're not obligated to enter the topic and get mad at him.