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I thought the song was:

Great 9 4.89%
Like every single previou... 2 1.09%
Good 31 16.85%
Meh 37 20.11%
Crap 22 11.96%
WTF is this shit!? 45 24.46%
Mainstream hot garbage 38 20.65%

Nvm, just me being an ol grumpy man. 

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Oh look what you made me do? You made me watch that terrible video... Seriously tho the words masterpiece and Taylor Swift do not go hand in hand.

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The song was above average but not a masterpiece (far from it).

Angelus said:
Where's the guy who usually does the Taylor Swift threads? You subbing in for him?

He's probably busy clubbing some seals ;)

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LurkerJ said:

I like Taylor

Me too. 

What the hell was that... Pop music seems to just get worse and worse.

Taylor Swift and masterpiece in the same sentence....hmm?

axumblade said:

LurkerJ said:

Nvm, just me being an ol grumpy man.


Yeah. It's obvious that she wants to stay out of politics so why don't you keep your politics out of threads about her. Thanks. In other words, there is no reason to deviate this thread into politics

You are right. It's not the place, I edited my original post completely.

I thought her last album was pretty good for what it was. But this sounds like she's trying to be Britney.

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