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Quite ditfficult to come up with one. Except for the top 5, my list is always kinda wonky. (The top 5 stick reeeally close together though.)

1. Legend of Zelda
2. Shenmue
3. Super Mario
4. Metal Gear Solid
5. Super Smash Bros.
6. Sonic
7. Mario Kart
8. Darksiders
9. Star Fox
10. Yoshi series

Pokemon used to be high up there - but I've recently lost pretty much all interest

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Let's see, shouldn't be too hard in my case. (Always have a Top 100 Games List ready and updated which makes it relatively easy to extract the franchises from it)

10. Pikmin - I kinda grew up with Pikmin, replaying Pikmin 2 over and over again and waiting forever for Pikmin 3 to be announced and launched. A franchise close to my heart.

9. Monster Hunter - While it now is one of my favorites, Tri (my first MH) didn't click with me at first. Only after trying it a second time, it hooked me. After convincing some friends of the series' qualities as top tier coop games, i now have many hundreds of hours in MHFU, MH3, MH3U, MHP3, MH4U and MHG.

8. Bayonetta - An instant favorite after playing the Wii U Releases. I now unvoluntarily compare every character action game to Bayonetta when playing it.

7. Super Mario - Not much to say about Mario. Love every 3D console release with the exception of 3D Land and World. (Mind you, both games are great, though not exactly what i want from 3D Marios)

6. Persona - Only played Persona 4: Golden and Persona 5 but the stories and characters of both games are just too good for this franchise not to be in my top 10.

5. Dishonored - Top tier level design, atmosphere and lots of different skills (also an intriguing story and setting) make this an instant top 10 (or in this case - top 5) candidate. I especially love the replayability value of part 2.

4. The Legend of Zelda - Played nearly all of them though i finished only TWW and BOTW. Love the diversity that the franchise offers. 

3. Zero Escape - As with Persona, absolutely fantastic stories (albeit minor writing weaknesses) that are as complex and as interresting as the medium of interactive storytelling gets. Helps, that i'm a huge science fiction fan. Love all three Games, even though ZTD is a bit of a.. let's call it clusterfuck.

2. Xenoblade Chronicles - With Xenoblade Chronicles being my favorite game and Xeno X being in my Top 10, the franchise could overtake rank 1 of this list with a third game that is as excellent as the first two. Love Xenoblade Chronicles for it's story, characters and storytelling (awesome cutscenes) and Xeno X for the best Open World (imho even better than BOTW) that i know.

1. Fire Emblem - With both PoR and RD being in my Top 5 as well as me loving Awakening and all Fates Games, the choice for favorite franchise was an easy one.

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