Favorite IP from Nintendo from past 10 years

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Favorite Nintendo IP from past ten years

Xenoblade 130 41.80%
Splatoon 127 40.84%
ARMS 7 2.25%
Ever Oasis 3 0.96%
Snipperclips 4 1.29%
Other 40 12.86%

We know many people love Mario and the other legendary IP's, but I was wondering what new IP is loved the most.


My personal favorite would be Splatoon. It was a shooter that actually kept me feeling satisfied, and the vibrant nature of it made it very memorable.



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Xenoblade.. there can be no other valid option.... says I :p

I haven't gotten to try out ARMS yet so it could change my mind, but my two picks right now would be Splatoon and The Wonderful 101(developed by Platinum but the IP is owned by Nintendo). Obviously I have a real affinity for colorful Saturday morning cartoon aesthetics.

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Probably Splatoon

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Xenoblade, easily.

I'm having a good time with Ever Oasis but let's be honest, Xeno X converted me into a fan. I just can't wait for the next game !

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I would say Splatoon.

Xenoblade. Splatoon is good but I am more into singleplayer experiences or non-online multiplayer games. And Xenoblade is a perfect example for a great story I enjoyed on my own.

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