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Rate the Xbox Press Conference One-10

One 148 12.95%
2 49 4.29%
3 85 7.44%
4 107 9.36%
5 199 17.41%
6 214 18.72%
7 178 15.57%
8 92 8.05%
9 34 2.97%
10 37 3.24%


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Pro: Lots of games, little talk, well designed console, some cool multiplat reveals, OGXB BC.

Neutral: $499, aping Sony a little transparently in their new conference style.

Con: Timed exclusives out the ass, first party has stopped trying, almost nothing surprising.

Grade: C


I think a feeling started to creep in around the time the Sea of Thieves trailer was going on just a little too long. As time was ticking down and Phil was smiling away singing the praises of the Xbox one family, it was an idea that maybe, despite the anticipation, there really wasn't going to be a shiny car behind door no.3. Then as the lights dimmed, the montage rolled and the announcer booming "exclusive" started to feel like a distant memory, confusingly, the reality of just how limited the material they had to work with started to set in.

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I'll give it a point for every exclusive I was interested in. So... 3/10.

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CraigB said:
estebxx said:

Really?, can i ask why?.

I thought it was a decent press conference, they had 22 console exclusives and yeah while the majority arent AAA system sellers they still looked pretty fun (State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and Ori looked pretty great), they anounced OG Xbox backwards compatibility and overall had a good showing.

in the cons i guess i would put the price of the Scorpio being higher than what most people wanted it to be, and the fact that (at least in my opinion) i didnt saw any game that really made me want a Scorpio, the best game of the show for me was Anthem and thats a multiplat so... there is that.

I would rate it arround a 6 or 7.

Stop with the console exclusive crap. A game is either exclusive or not exclusive. There is no in between. Solid games but all are on PC, some will go to PS4, none make Xbox stand out, none show the power of XBX and it made Windows 10 look better than Xbox since you can play Steam games on PC along with W10 ames.

I agree that real exclusives are way more important and better system sellers than console exclusives, that being said as someone who prefers console gaming to PC gaming i bought a PS4 for games like Nier Automata, Neptunia, Tales of Berseria and other games that are also on PC, simply because i would rather play them on a console, needless to say that system also has a ton of other real exclusives that i like a lot as well but console exclusives are also a big reason why i bought that console over the other two.


I'm giving it a 7. Just games galore. Good pacing, scorpio... Or X, is the 4k machine we thought it would be. No new ip though. Even just a couple and it may have well been an 8.5-9.

Some great games at the show, but the lack of new AAA exclusives and X1X price hurted the show... also, lack of true megatons and mic drop moments.

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5/10 Normal good timing, bad exclusive Software!

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6/10. Timed exclusives meh. Spent too much time on another Bioware game. Bioware sucks anymore and they have since 2012. Showing environments trying to trick me out doesn't work when you do it every year for Forza MS. Yes cars are shiny. Yes another Ass Creed. There was a few interesting games but nothing to make me want to buy a Xbox. It was nice that is was wall to wall games mostly instead of 90% cringe talking. Oh and Minecraft woman needs to stop coming to these things. It's annoying. Minecraft doesn't need time on stage at E3. Easily shit you can announce anytime. $499. lol no.