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I prefer...

White Chocolate 74 26.71%
Dark Chocolate 100 36.10%
Milk Chocolate 98 35.38%
I don't like chocolate because I'm weird 5 1.81%

I hate white chocolate. Used to love milk chocolate when I was a child but nowadays my favorite is 70% dark chocolate!

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*Reported for racism* And why do you assume chocolate is chocolate? What if chocolate identifies as fudge?

OT: Clearly white is superior

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I'm surprised how many people like White chocolate. Insanely sweet and overall disgusting.

FIT_Gamer said:
Ka-pi96 said:

How is American chocolate different to other chocolate?

American chocolate makers usually use half the % of Cocoa as Europeans and more sugar. So European chocolate has a richer flavor without being overly sweet.

Also the cocoa beans. American chocolate generally is made from beans from South America and Europe from West Africa. African cocoa beans are more robust.

hmm, kind of interested in seeing if I can taste a difference now. Never had American chocolate before

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I like every kind of chocolate, and will never, ever turn down free chocolate of any kind. But my ultimate preference is dark, in the 50-70% range.

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dark chocolate ice-cream with cherry = my dick goes through the roof

1. Milk

2. White

3. Dark

But I prefer Lion with white chocolate more than with milk, but KitKat and Twix otherwise.

White chocolate isn't actually chocolate.

It's actually just vegetable butters hardened with sugars.

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I thought the general rule was that if it contains cocoa butter, it's chocolate.

Milk chocolate is my favourite overall depending on brand and plain/dark chocolate to me is very plasticky and bland generally. Don't have many options for white chocolate where I am but what I've tried is ok and better than plain/dark but not as nice as milk. Not of fan of the European mainland dark chocolates like Lindt, seem much inferior to the american brand milk chocolates. However saying that if I'm treating myself it would much more likely be something toffee based rather than chocolate. Some of the supermarkets in the UK do a cheap 100g slab of milk chocolate for as low s 30p and prefer that to many of the expensive plain/dark brands with the ridiculous over the top packaging that are sometimes up to 10x as much. It's even competitive with other milk chocolate.


Sometimes paying a lot less can actually get you a far nicer product.