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The Switch is getting loads of indies, both new and old. Seeing Nintendo's treatment towards indies (along with their success on the eshop) shows the great opportunities developers have. 


At this point, I don't see how any indie dev could skip the Switch. The eshop is more restricted than other stores, making it a great environment.

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What about if their games don't really work on Switch? Or they haven't the budget to port their game? Or other reasons?

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Yes, every studio should run out to support a system with less than 10 million units!!!

Don't think so. With its form factor and limited power, it is harder to design for. Not incredibly, but enough. Indies have to hit PS4/PC/XB1 and then if they have enough success, they can take the time or money to port to Switch. Or they can just release another new game on the PS4/PC/XB1? What would you do with your money today? Switch will be there 2 years from now with a much larger install base...Maybe.

It is near the end of the end....

I agree.As long as the developer has the money and time, then go for it.The audience that the Switch is attracting seems to be very supportive to indie games, and the portable aspect of it breaths new life on old games.Not to mention that the Switch is more than powerful to handle most if not all indie-like games.

What if the indie developer hates Nintendo? 

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If every indie makes games for the Switch, then many of them will probably be overlooked. Just look at mobile games.

I agree with the OP.

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I don't know about that. Obviously Switch is a good platform for indie games -- both Switch and indies are vying for the attention of "retro" gamers -- but indie developers deal with small budgets and opportunity costs. They might only be able to support PC, or iOS, or PS4.

If I was an indie developer, I'd target PC, PS4, and Switch -- in that order. If I'm more comfortable in the Nintendo ecosystem or I have a game that's similar to Nintendo games of old, I might switch (get it?) those priorities around.

More like every dev that has a game that can run on the Switch should go for it... if they want. Indie doesn't automatically mean Switch hardware friendly.

I mean, I guess if their games are easy to port, for sure. Selling exclusively on the Switch, currently, is probably a big gamble

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