Soon the Global Hardware Totals will drop the WiiU.

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Goodbye WiiU...

Good night sweet prince. 25 27.47%
See you in hell, you f... piece of s... 11 12.09%
It had a good run. 15 16.48%
Gone but not forgotten. 32 35.16%
Worst console ever. 8 8.79%

sad - gone too soon!


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It clearly says 'this generation' Switch will be alone in the new generation chartz?

AnthonyW86 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
Pretty sure VGC have said multiple times already the Switch wouldn't be put on the chart until awhile had passed and they had a better idea about where it belonged on their, meaning the Wii U getting dropped may not be that soon after all

Isn't the Switch part of a new generation of systems? So i think Switch should get it's own tab under "next generation".

Depends who you ask...

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