Forums - Sony Discussion - Apparently (?), SIE filed a patent for a Switch-like device with detachable controllers in 2015

2015? I don't think they are doing anything about it.

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Looks like a dock for Xperia Phones to me. I have Zero interest in any Xperia or Android based device.

However, if Sony was to make a PlayStation Phone based around the PS4 hardware and PS4 OS, and it could dock to this, and Play all of my PlayStation 4 software, and access all of my PlayStation services via 4G, then I would be all over it. PS4 OS would translate very nicely to touch when not docked, and with One unified OS, they would have constant support.

This may be the best way for Sony to get back into the mobile space and the Handheld gaming space. One device that looks professional when undocked, yet has the ability to dock and give you full on console games at zero additional cost. One purchase of Gran Turismo, Call of Durty, Madden, Uncharted ect. works on PS4 and PS Phone.

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think-man said:
2015? I don't think they are doing anything about it.


If these patents are from 2015 then Sony already has a working mockup. ARM just had a big event recently and they said that by the end of 2017 ARM mobile processors will equal the power of the PS4. If the system shown in these patents is also a fully functioning smart phone, Sony will rule the world of portable home console gaming.


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Nintendo copied Sony confirmed!

SonytendoAmiibo said:
d21lewis said:

SOLD! Can't wait to get my hands on a PlayStation Swap.


It has begun. The portable home console wars. The Sony Swap with its removable Shock-Con controllers will play PS4 games from cartridges.

Don't forget the ultimate system seller: 4K Rumble

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This feels like an elaborated joke...
Anyway.... the Nintendo Switch project date back to 2012/2013 or maybe even earlier....

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 Double post.

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pray4mojo said:
ironmanDX said:
Development of next consoles often starts early into the life of the current console. We could very well by looking at an early vita successor design. If it proves to be legitimate, that is.

Well, for starters, Sony has a history of doing this sort of stuff. Secondly, I think they know that the Switch may just destroy their entire Japanese business. Seriously. They barely beat Nintendo's worst selling home console of all time and got killed again with the Vita/3DS war. If Switch does what I think it's going to do in that country, Sony is in serious trouble. They have almost zero chance without copying them and trying to release a me-also system.

I just don't get this. It's not win or die you know. Regardless of how well the Switch does here there will still always be a market for PlayStation home consoles too. Maybe that market won't be as big as it is now, but it will still exist. Add to that the fact that any Japanese 3rd party games wanting to get good sales outside Japan (which seems to be becoming more and more important with the bigger budgets these days) are going to be very likely to release their games on PS still it means there will also be some good software for the Japanese market. Not to mention that some people here also like western games.

Switch can sell 50m in Japan alone and it won't stop either people still buying PlayStations or games still releasing on PlayStation.

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Guys, you're late to the punch.

This is a patent for a dock to use the PSP with Playstation Move controllers from 2011.

If Sony did actually go through with this idea, they didn't steal it from Nintendo.

BraLoD said:
d21lewis said:


You won't believe it, but I double checked it, and it ALSO have the square button, ON TOP of having the triangle button.

Boy, Sony nailed this thing!

Ohhh, looks like I'm sold as well o:

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