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Pyro as Bill said:
Where's the News and Weather channels?

Pre-order cancelled.

On the smartphone :3

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Yup. Jelly.

Well, this is new.


Yerm said:
Let me just go through and point out some of the big points showed in the video:

- The console is very fast. It can jump between menus in less than a second and setting up the console was about as fast as it could get. Thats always nice, and the Wii U was rather slow, so its a step in the right direction.

-There is no pre-downloaded software AT ALL. not even like the free apps on the 3DS, its just a blank slate. It even tells you to either download a game or insert a game card, so yeah, they have ditched all the crap with the Switch. Its just meant for gaming and nothing else, also nice.

-All the manuals seem to be digital. They will probably only be available digitally. Not really a good or bad thing, just a note worthy detail.

thats really it. the Switch really does seem like a console made to play games. there is no focus on any gimmicks or anything. just turn it on and have fun with it. its actually really refreshing to see for yourself

We can also add to your list that it doesn't seem to have a Web Browser.

Volterra_90 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
ugh, no achievements confirmed. Not only that but it doesn't have the activity log either, thought that was a nice feature for 3DS/Wii U. 1 step forward, 2 steps backward it would seem

I think it's still soon to tell, there isn't even an available right now. I think we could probably get a achievement system build into MyNintendo, similar to Ninty's smartphone games, with proper rewards. At least they'd be useful in some way XD. I honestly never care about them though.

I think you can check with the "parents app" how long you have played every game. There should be some statistics available.

But it's a shame that you have to use your mobile phone additionally (same goes for the voice chat...).

looks worse than the Wii U when it comes to features.

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Looks really fast, but also really stripped of features. Let's see how the mass market responds to this thing, won't be along wait now. Also; I wonder how this person came into possession of this so early.

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KLXVER said:
Yerm said:

gae manuals were good,  but these are console manuals. they just show you how to work the Switch, and what each thing does. so its bad in the sense that you wont have it physically, but its good in the sense that you will always have a direct source for when something goes wrong built into the console

"I cant get my Switch to start up. Lets check the manual.....oh.."

What you need to know to turn on the Switch is printed in the box, so the OS is simple and intuitive, like iOS.

Looking nice and simple, I saw custom themes so that's great.


Looks simple and clean and the loading was very quick... I like the black also. But missing a lot of features of the Wii U.


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it's good that the OS is responsive. Still need to see the connection and eshop speed. Aesthetically, it's a bit too bland for my taste