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Whoops, someone screwed somewhere up. Now we get a first glance at the device and OS.

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25.9 gb out of 32 free .  compared to wii u

"The Wii U Deluxe version will ship with 32 GB of storage. When it’s formatted, it will have about 29 GB. Minus the 4.2 GB of system data, this means that the Deluxe version will have about 25 GB to store games, save games, downloads, and more."

not much different

Oh god...

Looks pretty snappy! I just wish Nintendo would say SOMETHING about the eShop already.

Let me just go through and point out some of the big points showed in the video:

- The console is very fast. It can jump between menus in less than a second and setting up the console was about as fast as it could get. Thats always nice, and the Wii U was rather slow, so its a step in the right direction.

-There is no pre-downloaded software AT ALL. not even like the free apps on the 3DS, its just a blank slate. It even tells you to either download a game or insert a game card, so yeah, they have ditched all the crap with the Switch. Its just meant for gaming and nothing else, also nice.

-All the manuals seem to be digital. They will probably only be available digitally. Not really a good or bad thing, just a note worthy detail.

thats really it. the Switch really does seem like a console made to play games. there is no focus on any gimmicks or anything. just turn it on and have fun with it. its actually really refreshing to see for yourself

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Neat I guess. It doesn't really feel like a "new" Nintendo generation if I'm being perfectly honest though, it feels like a portable Wii U or Wii U 2 as it were, but whatevs I guess.

Menus seems snappy enough which should be expected from a Tegra X1. 

It's going to have a lot of fun Nintendo games on it and that's the main draw for me.

Wow, UI looks pretty sleek and nice. I'm digging it so far. Enjoy it while you can - Nintendo will yank it before the end of the day, I'd wager.

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

Yerm said:

-All the manuals seem to be digital. They will probably only be available digitally. Not really a good or bad thing, just a note worthy detail.

No it IS a bad thing, how can no physical manual not be bad! Those days are gone and it's sad!

No unexpected surprises shown.

Bought a Switch after it was cool.

Looks nice and snappy, all I can ask for really


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Wow. You can actually change system settings without having to sit between minutes of loading and thousands of pop-ups telling you what to do all the time? Revolutionary.

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