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This thread will serve as a list of all of the "Official" threads.  Rules for official threads are as follows:

- Once an official thread is granted, discussion will be steered to that thread where possible to contain the amount of thread spam, particularly for hot new games.

- The owner of an official thread must maintain the thread.  If no new content is added and the thread dies, requests to create a new official thread will be entertained if the topic is a popular one.

- Requests for official threads must be granted by a moderator.   Official threads run by moderators require authorization from a head moderator.

- Please ensure that it is stated, either here or in each official thread who authorized it, so we can trace it back in the event of dispute.

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Topic: Gaming Creator Approved By Status
VGShare: Screenshot & Gameplay Sharing Thread Raven Smeags Active
 Resident Evil 2 Remake |OT| CGI-Quality Ryuu96 Active
Mass Effect: Andromeda |OT| Raven Miguel_Zorro Inactive
Tekken 7 |OT| Burning Typhoon Miguel_Zorro Inactive


Topic: Nintendo Creator Approved By Status
NintenDominion Raven Miguel_Zorro Active
Nintendo Prediction League 2019 Raven Ryuu96 Active
The Legend of Zelda|OT| Veknoid_Outcast Axumblade Active
Pokemon |OT| Green098   Inactive
Pokemon Go |OT| Iceland Raven Inactive
Xenoblade Chronicles |OT| Wyrdness   Inactive
Nintendo Switch Third Party Society DreadPirateRoberts Miguel_Zorro Active
Nintendo Labo |OT| Curl-6 Axumblade Inactive


Topic: Sony Creator Approved By Status
Playstation Nation Bristow9091 Ryuu96 Active
Playstation Vita Thread Mugen    
Playstation Trophy League Arcturus   Active


Topic: Microsoft Creator Approved By Status
Xbox Empire 2.0 Ryuu96 Raven Active
Halo |OT| Iceland Smeags Inactive
Gamerscore League Angelus Ryuu96 Inactive
Microsoft Prediction League 2019 Iceland Ryuu96 Active
X Enhanced Database Iceland Ryuu96 Inactive


Topic: Sales Creator Approved By Status
Hardware Adjustments Trunkswd N/A
Software Adjustments Machina N/A  
Prediction League Kirby007 N/A  
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Topic: Website Announcements & Feedback Creator Approved By Status
Website Development TalonMan N/A  
The Moderator Thread Miguel_Zorro N/A  
VGChartz Tutorial Thread Platina N/A  
Database Tutorial Bisa N/A  


Topic: General Creator Approved By Status
Newcomer Introduction Thread SpurgeonRyan Axumblade  
Manga Discussion Cloudman    


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Reserved. That should be enough. I'll pull in content from the old thread:

Along with other items posted below.

Tagging, I remember Smeags had a list before and that was pretty handy

 - Official  VGChartz Tutorial Thread -

   NintenDomination [2015/05/19 - 2017/07/02]




Here lies the hidden threads. 

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Nintendo Metascore | Official NintenDomination | VGC Tutorial Thread

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Cool, my two OT's are in my sig (Will try and get headers for them soon )

Mike's doing The Flash OT too who's doing a OT for every single other show I watch? Need Black Sails, Ash vs Evil Dead, Fargo, Daredevil, Preacher, Stranger Things, The Expanse, Westworld, Series of Unfortunate Events, The 100, Legends, Etc.


Miguel_Zorro said:

- Please state in the official thread who authorized it, so we can trace it back in the event of dispute.

This is one that users sometimes forget, so it's good to remind them!


Tagged. My OTs are in my sig. Who knows I might get another one xD

Axum authorized my ps thread, no idea who authorized the anime thread 3 years ago.