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Aura7541 said:
Dark_Feanor said:

That is my perseption based on news and Youtube. I also don´t see it very high on Twitch.tv ( right now it has half the viewers of MEA).

I´m talking about mindshare and influence going foward with the public.

ME:A has multiplayer. HZD is strictly a singleplayer game, so this is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

It also released 3~ weeks later.

I'm not really sure why Mass Effect would be used as an example anyway. Zelda has held pretty well (2k viewers after a month for a single player game isn't bad), but Mass Effect has dropped like a rock on Twitch. Its mixed reception had a pretty negative impact on viewer interest.

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Kerotan said:
Zekkyou said:

It is a good price for what you're getting, but so is $350 for a Pro. I think $450 should be their target.

I can honestly see either the regular pro or a new pro slim model being sold for $299 by the time scorpio launches.  If it's being sold for $449 or $499 it won't stand a chance.  

Microsoft need this to launch at $399. Not sure if that's possible. 

I mean it's not impossible, but i doubt we'll see the Pro hit $300 that quickly. A $450 Scorpio vs a $350 Pro should be MS's target in my opinion. I don't see the Scorpio tearing up the charts (not while a $250 PS4 and X1's exist), but i could see it doing better than the Pro at $450.

Cpu is a very big bottleneck just like PS4P. May be they can sell it for 450$ ?


Kerotan said:
Zekkyou said:

It is a good price for what you're getting, but so is $350 for a Pro. I think $450 should be their target.

I can honestly see either the regular pro or a new pro slim model being sold for $299 by the time scorpio launches.  If it's being sold for $449 or $499 it won't stand a chance.  


Microsoft need this to launch at $399. Not sure if that's possible. 

It's Microsoft. Loss-leading is their original mantra.

RJ_Sizzle said:
Well, in the end, it sounds like a good console in specs, and better than the Pro for sure. It was overhyped to death though with all the Zen/Vega rumors. I see what Phil Spencer meant now in saying that if you don't have a 4k TV, buying this console isn't a priority. Still, definitely for those Xbox guys that wanted a more powerful Xbox One at least.

I can see the very customized hardware making things more expensive production wise, but I still expect them to eat the cost and sell it at $399. Just to try and "catch up" so to speak. Mainly in the home market.

Originally Posted by Digital Foundry

With some PS4 Pro titles, we've been vocal in our criticisms of game modes locked to specific display types. If a title has a high resolution mode, 1080p display users should get super-sampling - something that doesn't always happen, even on Sony first party games. Part of Microsoft's commitment to the 1080p user is that super-sampling is mandated - if a Scorpio title runs at a higher resolution, it must downsample for full HD screens. Similarly, in-game frame-rates must be the same or faster than standard Xbox One titles. Hopefully we'll actually see smoother performance.

At the hardware level, Microsoft is confident in the quality of the scaler built into Scorpio's display processor. It's enhanced over the Xbox One S equivalent to "handle the bandwidth and quality requirements of 4K", using a high quality six-tap vertical and horizontal Lanczos filter. Compared to a native 1080p output on Xbox One, super-sampling is a great feature to have: anti-aliasing quality is second to none, the same texture filtering quality improves with more resolution (for a given screen area, the texture is sampled more) and art is richer owing to the use of more highly detailed texture assets.

Microsoft's insistence on 1080p supersampling is actually more inclusive than it sounds, and it's good news for users of all screens. There have been instances of PS4 Pro games with higher performance 1080p modes only accessible if the front-end is set to a full HD output - No Man's Sky and The Last Guardian are two examples of this. If your Pro's set to 4K instead, you might never even know that an alternative, higher performing mode exists. With Scorpio, all game modes - resolution, performance or otherwise - must be available to all users regardless of the display the console is attached to. This philosophy reflects a long-held Digital Foundry view, and hopefully PS4 Pro titles will also follow suit.


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Well... seeing DF's take, if they launch this update at 500$ its dead in the water. Nowhere near the massive powerhouse some expected it will be. Lets hope that by E3 we will have some games announced for it, otherwise Sony will again wipe the floor with them...

So question...
If the Scorpio has no exclusives and I dont really care about 4k, is there a reason to upgrade from my launch Xbox One?

Sorry, I'm late, slept in today xD

My impressions:

CPU: Jaguar is disappointing, but it sounds like MS has worked some "magic" to allow it to not be a bottleneck in most games. A switch to Direct3D 12, which allows CPU tasks to be offloaded to the GPU, which apparently means up to 50% lower CPU overhead.

GPU: It sounds like a beast for a console GPU. Basically mid-tier by PC standards, but thanks to optimization and some architectural "magic", it sounds like it's roughly equivalent to a significantly more expensive 1070 or Fury GPU

Memory: 12 GB at 326GB/s sounds like plenty. 3 more GB available to developers than they get on XB1/PS4 and 2.5 GB more than they get on PS4 Pro.

Hard Drive: 1 TB is kind of disappointing considering 2 TB drives are only like $18 more nowadays, but it is 50% faster which means loading times for Scorpio enhanced games will be the same as XB1 games, and faster for XB1/360 backwards compat games.

Size: Based on the size of the motherboard and compactness of the cooling solution, it seems like it will be smaller than PS4 Pro, which is good, maybe even close in size to XB1 S.

Cooling: Vapor chamber cooling, what's not to like. Scorpio should be a good bit quieter than PS4 Pro (which is as loud as the launch 360 when playing Pro enhanced titles).

Forza tech demo: Basically Forza 6 Apex running on Scorpio. At Xbox One equivalent settings (basically medium), it runs at 4K 60fps with 66% GPU utilization. At ultra settings, it ran at 4K 60fps with 88% GPU utilization, and I assume this demo was running on the current XDK, which only enables the use of about 80% of Scorpio's power (full system will be unlocked in the June XDK supposedly. All of that means that native 4K should indeed be possible in 900p and 1080p XB1 titles. Not only that, it sounds like we will get other graphical enhancements besides the bump in resolution. Whereas most XB1/PS4 games run at PC medium equivalent settings, we should see some Scorpio games that run at PC high settings, and first party games might even hit PC ultra (like the Forza 6 tech demo is able to).

Price: Because it uses Jaguar I do think $400 is possible, especially if MS is willing to sell at a bit of a loss in exchange for more adopters (which they were willing to do at one point in time, because more adopters means more peole buying games, accessories, and XBL subs, all things that MS makes a profit on). I can't see it costing more than $450, MS isn't crazy, they know Sony will drop Pro to $350 this Holiday. 

walsufnir said:
Dark_Feanor said:

Probably optmisations and small fixes.

He made a comparison so that it looks like both have the same CPU and modifications but Scorpio is only clocked a little bit higher, that's why I'm curious.

Its not really the "cores" of the cpu that are differnt, their both newer jaguars (from what I understand).

Whats intresting is that MS has made a hardware implimentation of DX12 into the command processor unit of the GPU portion.

So their gpu tasks use less cpu resources.

That 200 mhz differnce isnt the whole picture.

Those a good specs, if not in any way surprising.

I actually made a thread (which got no replies ha) where I said I thought we already knew what the Scorpio specs were, and I was pretty much right on the nose.

My prediction:

6 TFlop GPU
2.5 GHz 8 core Jaguar/Puma CPU

Scorpio specs:

6 TFlop GPU
2.3 GHz 8 core Jaguar CPU

A huge jump up from the Xbox One and a sizable jump from even the PS4 Pro. But not "new console" powerful, and it's going to be expensive. my guess is $499.

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