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What do you think about this gen so far?

Perfect time to be a gamer! 22 22.68%
Good overall, but I still... 26 26.80%
Decent, but definitely room for improvement. 26 26.80%
Meh, I've seen better. 15 15.46%
Pretty bad, this gen has been a snooze fest. 5 5.15%
I hate gaming because of this gen! 3 3.09%

Happy 2017 Everyone!

With several great games coming out this year such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Persona 5, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, I just wanna see you guys reflect on what your personal top 5 games are so far this generation. 

5. Splatoon

One of the most unique games this gen that has done extremely well despite many things that seemed to ensure failure, such as being on the Wii U, being a completely new IP, and missing important features for an online shooter, such as voice chat, and private rooms at launch.

Despite all that, Splatoon is an amazing game with colorful designs, entertaining characters, and a ton of cool weapons to mess around with.

4. Bayonetta 2

The fact that this game was gonna be a Wii U exclusive no doubt surprised a lot of people, for better or for worst, but seeing one of the coolest action games from last gen getting a sequel was great news.

While the first game was great, Bayonetta 2 did everything to make the combat absolutely exhilarating, as you punched and kicked your way through thosands of angels and demons.

3. Bloodborne

While I wasn't initially excited for this game back when it was showed off at E3 2014, the absolutely horrifying and creepy enviroments looked amazing, as well as the giant and ferocious beasts you fought throughout the game.

After beating both Dark Souls I and II, I gave Bloodborne a shot, and while I'm not the biggest fan of the game's more aggresive playstyle, it's still an amazing game, and an extremely satisfying one, as you brutalize enemies with your gun and cleaver, as well as take down giant bosses.

2. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

No doubt one of the most anticipated games ever since the start of this generation, and while Smash 4 may not be the fast-paced adrenaline rushing competitive game like Melee, Smash 4 is still one of the most fun games to have with friends.

Prior, during, and even after the release of the game, we would get announcements frequently hying us up, including characters fans people greatly demanded for, including Mega Man, the return of Mewtwo, as well as some completely unexpected faces, such as Shulk, Cloud Strife, and Bayonetta.

1. Overwatch

As someone who has never played a Blizzard game before in their life, I wasn't sure what to expect about this new game called Overwatch, even after the initial cinematic trailer. While I was a fan of games like Team Fortress 2, the game just seemed odd to me, with all these characters with all their unique abilities and skills.

After people going on about how amazing the beta was, I decided to buy the game at launch, and what I was greeted with was an amazing game filled with amazing characters, each with their own set of skills, weapons, and skill ceilings in order to master them at their fullest potential. While the competitive side can be very toxic at times, the game feels very deep and complex, requiring you to synergize and communicate with your teammates, as well as build a balanced team in order to counter the opponent's attack or defense.


Those are my top 5 games this gen, but what about yours?

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5. Sm4sh

4. Pokemon X or Moon? Both count, I like them for thecompetitive side. Story is fine on Moon, but meh overall. X is bad.

3. Splatoon

2. Pikmin 3

1. A Link Between Worlds

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5. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

4. Paper Mario: Sticker Star

3. Mighty No.9

2. Starfox: Zero

1. No Man's Sky



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1. Super Mario 3D World (Best Mario)

2. Pikmin 3 (Best Pikmin)

3. The Wonderful 101 (Best action game)

4. Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wasted 200 hours of my life on this, so why not)

5. The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds (Up there as one of the best Zelda games, just below Wind Waker for me)

Let's have a champion time!


Let's see (in no order for the moment):

Project x zone 2: this game is the ultimate fanservice and I love it, very cool interactions, funny dialogues and references make this game a joy to play.

Bayonetta 2: never thought I would enjoy it as much as a I did but it has awesome boss fights, music and gameplay mechanics.

Overwatch: so I just started playing it recently but it didn't take me a lot to realize why this game is so loved and even got goty, is VERY fun and has a vast amount of unique and likable characters.

Fire emblem awakening: this was my first FE game, I didn't know what to expect from it and so when I finished it I was amazed, it's one of the few rpg's that I have played several times.

Smash 4: I never was a big fan of smash but this one was different because I got into competitive play and I loved it, plus this game has arguably the best roster in gaming history.


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5. 3D World
- Never "really" played a 3D mario before, sooo this one have really caught me by surprise.

4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
- The graphic upgrade and all the new stuff they added have really reminded me how much I love the series.

3. FE Awakening
- My first Fire emblem game, and it I instantly fell in love with its concept. I replayed the game soooo many times with choosing different characters, classes and couples to ship with.

2. Tokyo Mirrage Sessions #FE
- The colours and the battle style have really amazed me, but its the characters is what I definetly going to be miss. Combining all 3 didnt made the grinding part boring. Btw! I FUCKING LOVE HOW THEY DIDN'T DUB IT!!!!!!!

1. Splatoon
- I dont know how many times I fucking said how I loved this game sooooo much!

The Switch is going to mess the shit out of this since it counts as this gen. Especially if all the games I listed gets a sequel XD

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Xenoblade Chronicles X

Bayonetta 2

The Wonderful 101

Guilty Gear Revelator



(Tho with Nier Automata,Gravity Rush 2,Zelda BotW,Persona 5 make this list harder)

no order (except the first one)

The Last Guardian
The Evil Within
Atelier Sophie

Halo MCC
Alien Isolation
Forza Horizon 3 / 2
Far Cry 4
Rise of the Tomb Raider

Still a lot of games I need to play, but...

5) Freedom Planet (PC, WiiU)

The best Sonic game that isn't a Sonic game, Freedom Planet unfolds across several lush 16-bit locales. It's a platformer heavy on exploration with several playable characters and epic boss fights.

4) Resident Evil Revelations (3DS, X360, PS3, WiiU, PC)

With RE6 and Operation Raccoon City stinking up the place, Revelations swooped in and delivered the best all-around RE game since 4. Mixing old-school survival horror with smart shooting mechanics, Revelations delivered the goods on 3DS and, later, home consoles.

3) Retro City Rampage (PS4, PSV, 3DS, PC)

The work of a single man, Brian Provinciano, RCR is an 8-bit Grand Theft Auto. It's also one of her funniest game parodies you'll ever play. The game is rich in content and challenges, from puzzles to driving to shooting to platforming, all wrapped up in a subversive and nostalgic package.

2) Mario Kart 8 (WiiU)

Arguably the definitive kart racer, Mario Kart 8 excels in all areas. With verdant visuals, an orchestral soundtrack for the ages, inventive anti-gravity mechanics, and expert track design, the game is required owning for all WiiU owners.

1) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)

I was skeptical of ALBW at first too, with its plain-looking graphics and borrowed overworld. But the dungeon, enemy, and quest design is too good to pass up, and the 3DS' 3D effect works well with the game's increased verticality. This is a worthy successor to ALTTP, all around.


This is kinda how I feel about the 8th gen in a nutshell. These games could have all appeared on last gen systems -- heck, some of them could have appeared on SNES. It's not graphics and physics that are leading the way in game design. It's the creativity of people like Provinciano, whose open world game is miles ahead of something like Arkham Knight, despite the latter's resources. He didn't need a team of 100 animators to turn in an instant classic.