When you saw the Playstation portable..

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what was your reaction


to be honest, i was like cool!!!!! no seriously 

even though i prefer my ds over my psp

i still like my psp and i was so excited at launch 

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i thought it looked pretty cool i was amazed at what it could do with the graphics then it came out....no games for it....yeah



I was worried for Nintendo, since then I become apathetic towards the PSP. If it were below £100 I would get one.

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love my psp to death. Always wanted one.

crisis core kicks so much ass

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Even though I prefer my psp over my ds, at first I thought it wasnt going to do anything to nintendo(the reason I bougth a DS), but it started to steal lots of market share, and I was impressed by its graphics and everytin and then ended up buying a psp.


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It looked good and as a Nintendo fan I thought it was easily going to take their handheld gaming crown, despite my newly acquired DS reignighting my passion for gaming.

I was excited at the thought of playing home console games in my hand so impoted 2 PSP's at launch from USA but decided very quickly that apart from a really nice screen it was really a jack of all trades but master of none.

I sold mine on Ebay and very shortly after my son sold his after only playing GTA and SOCOM.

Having said all this I'm still surprised the DS managed to get such a HUGE lead and put most of this success down to Nintendogs and the brain games

i was impressed, especially with a game like gta being played on a handheld. i was dissapointed with the rest of the games though.

I thought it was redundant, it seemed like it was made only to "beat" Nintendo in the handheld market instead of offering much.
The lackluster UMD support, early problems with wmw and wav and the non existant software all but reeked of incompetence.
Sony did not know what they were doing, and it showed, but it has gotten a lot better.
I still don't want one for any reason, but I'm glad it has improved so much.

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Sony should have released the feature that you can watch UMD's on tv with your psp along with the release of the UMD, this is mainly why people ddnt buy them, you can only watch them on the psp.



I worked at an electronics store when it was first released and apart from the wifi fw update that came out for it, i wasn't really impressed. I do want to play patapon and chains of olympus, though. The DS is pretty cool, though if i were to buy a handheld i'd be torn between the two. Then again i think portable gaming is largely pointless unless you take the train or bus on a daily basis and/or take a lot of flights... but to each his own.

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