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I have the iPhone 7 and really, really like it lol

The speakers are remarkably loud now, the home button is actually quite cool (it has that tactile thing so it does "click" and vibrate when on) and it's capable of reading your thumb print so you needn't bother with typing in a password.

Otherwise, I like the wireless earbuds (especially as it apparently made room for the improved speakers) and it came packaged with an adapter and wired earbuds for those who want to use them. As a person who's been using iTunes for over a decade now and their App Store for about a decade, both remain a convenient and easy way of keeping all my stuff uniform across my devices and computers.

The screen is beautiful, the battery life greatly improved, the storage was greatly increased, it simply runs remarkably fast with no noticeable lag, the backup cloud is a very easy way to avoid losing photos and docs, it's water resistant (finally), it seems to handle the internet better than any phone I've tried (it's easily working with vgchartz now which was never the case before lol), the camera still the best on the market among smart phones... I know it's in fashion to hate everything apple does and I have my own complaints (still seems fragile/designed to slip out of pocket/don't like power button on side), but this is truly a superb phone. I don't understand why everyone has to get so darn angry about it lol

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I've never liked touch buttons. If you're not gonna put actual buttons, why put fake ones?

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ill stick with my blackberry classic, best phone out there.

Porcupine_I said:
So you are either one of the people who allow the weather to influence their style of clothing or you are just one of those glove fetishists.

Gloves are obsolete technology. Just get with the times man or stick with last generations phones.

Given the nature of this thread I'm not even sure if this post is meant to be satirical or not.

Besides anyone who lives in countries where gloves are a requirement in the winter months will probably have picked up something like this


but yeah... still not 100% sure if this post was made in jest?

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Ruler said:

if so thats still two giant fuck ups in one for 800€

We live in a time where we have to accept small fuckups to not get our hand blown up from another phone^^

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Hold on, what if u want to charge ur phone and use ur headphones at the same time?

vivster said:

That means you will also have no trouble with the new home button.

Smartphone components will shrink if we want to or not. The fact that only apple is doing the drastic changes first doesn't mean the others won't follow. Remember when people slammed iPhone for not having expandable storage? Samsung followed and now it's no big deal. Remember when iPhones were slammed for not having removable batteries? Samsung followed and now it's not a problem. Remember when MS was slammed for demanding money for online? Sony followed and now it's not a problem.

These "issues" people currently have with home buttons and headphone jacks will go away pretty quickly. Android phones will definitely lose the jack at some point, though it won't be as much of a problem because by this time USB 3.1 will also be standardized for audio and all headphones will come with usb instead of a jack and no one will care.

People did slam Samsung for getting did if removable storage, which is why the Galaxy S7 brought it back. You see, sometimes there's a difference between "progress" and "change." Removing the sd card in exchange for a sleeker design and a bigger battery in the s6 was change. Just swapping out one feature for another. Bringing it back with the S7 without compromising those new design improvements was actual progress, not just a feature swap.

If you look at LG, they've redesigned their battery loading mechanism with their latest phones instead of removing the feature altogether. Progress, not change. They also continue to support expandable storage. Samsung lost me when they decided to start stripping features from their phones and replacing them with fluff, and i know plenty of other people who are switching to LG for the same reason. If i wanted a closed device, I'd get an iphone. They have a better app store, and superior performance to Samsung's phones anyway.

As for Apple, well, they removed the headphone port and replaced it with a second speaker, for Pete's sake! What more it's there to say about that?

hershel_layton said:

I like looking around Target when I'm bored. Even if I buy nothing, it's worth walking around and seeing if there's anything new. The atmosphere is great and the cleanliness and organization is always satisfying.



When I screwing around in Target yesterday, I realized that they had Iphone 7's available for display/purchase(surprised they didn't sell out). I chose to look at the phone and see if theres anything neat about it. It didn't look that bad, and I expected myself to like it. That is, until I touched the home button.

There wasn't a click. No matter how hard I pounded the home button, it didn't make a sound at all(only a vibration). After looking at Apple's website, it seems as though it only provides vibrations when it senses a finger. 

I'm surprised how thousands of headlines were about the removal of the headphone jack, and yet no one even talked about how they messed up the home button. 


I put my shirt over my finger and tried to 'click' the home button- nothing happened. My guess on the button only responding to fingers is true. How the hell will people use this during winter? Not only that, but why did they take it upon themselves to make the home button like this? I get the headphone jack, but now the home button? What was wrong with it? It was perfectly fine, and yet Apple chose to mess around with it.

As for your last comment, I recall seeing article headlines about the new phone not working with gloves or something.

I didn't click on it, cause dont' give a shit about apple products and won't ever get an iphone, so whats the point of reading an article. But yea, it don't look like it does. I wonder if it still works for those gloves that have the leathery finger tip part. 

I always skipped buying Iphones cos they are overpriced, specs are not that great even though I liked IOS
With this one I can add the headphone cos their airpods will not work, I can easly lose one of them + it's way too expensive
Home button bean replaced and I am yet to try it

vivster said:
Pemalite said:

I have no issue with the home button.

And I disagree, the removal of expandable storage and the removable battery in the Galaxy Note 5 was critically panned everywhere, to the point where the Note 7 reintroduced expandable storage, even sales of the note 5 were down overall.
Ironically... If the Note 7 had replaceable batterys, Samsung wouldn't have had to waste billions on a recall... I am happy not to be able to replace my battery though if it means I get another feature in return, such as better water proofing, I do enter harsh environments where salt water and mud can be a thing.

I will never accept a phone without a headphone jack, if it means I go Chinese Oppo/Huwei/Windows Phone, then so be it, I'll add to the Chinese economy instead.

You will add to the Chinese economy anyway^^

Note doesn't seem to be Samsung's flagship anymore. It's just a bigger screen with no noticeable other improvements over the S7. That's why it had the expandable storage, because it was the same hardware in a bigger case. Now after this disaster they may even abandon the line.

I think the physical reductions are here to stay. At the cutting edge they are always looking for more room inside the case, be it for battery or more chips. Now even more because they've reached the size equilibrium. Human hands and pockets are not going to be bigger so flagship phones will stay within the 5-6" range.

It's easily imaginable that they transit to phones with no physical input at all. They will just ship every phone with a wireless docking station that will handle power and data transfer. That's probably the dream of both Apple and Samsung. Just imagine the free space inside the case and how easy it will be to make it waterproof. Also to make true unibody cases with no cracks or openings at all.

I wouldn't mind that future at all because I'm already using no cables on my phone at all.

Note is Samsung's flagship, just like their S lineup. Has been for a very very long time, and, in fact, Apple has adopted Samsung's lineup configuration since iPhone 6. There is absolutely NO chance Samsung will kill Note off. And it definitely has noticeable extra features that S phones lack, you should do your research.

The room argument (just like Apple's "courage" comment) is complete BS in the headphone jack case. It's plain and simple poor design. Most people own headphones with an analog connector, and now they must use an extra adapter if they want that stuff to work with their iPhone. Unless they need to charge their phone at the same time... In which case you can get a bulky dock from Apple for the low price of $60 (WTF???). Apple is indeed courageous here; for no other company would have the balls to deliberately fuck over their consumers like that.

The completely wireless future is actually already here. Many phones have wireless charging and never have to be plugged into anything to operate. As far as I know, Samsung's flagships have implemented wireless charging for several generations now; they also happen to have all the standard physical ports AND are waterproof. Your true unibody comment makes me laugh: aside from being a complete bitch to repair, you'd have a Faraday cage in your hands lol.

Now going back to the topic at hand, iPhone 7's new button is indeed badly designed. According to you, "If you don't have touchscreen gloves you won't be able to operate the phone either even if you can press the home button." (This is actually not even true, many Samsung and Nokia devices are equipped with touchscreens that are sensitive enough to work with gloves.) The problem is that the new buttons don't work with conductive gloves that are designed for touchscreens. You NEED to press the home button to be able to enter the passcode to get access to your phone. I hope you see why this is troublesome now.