Pokemon Go Loses More Than 15 Million Daily Users in a Month

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The Pokemon Go phenomenon has started to dissipate, as the augmented-reality game has already lost more than 15 million daily users since this time last month, according to graphs from Axiom Capital Management that were published by Bloomberg. The chart only goes until August 18, so the number of daily active users could be even lower now.

Additionally, the charts, which source mobile research company Apptopia, show Pokemon Go engagement has decreased by more than 50 percent. And after a huge spike, "augmented reality" has been searched for far less on Google since Pokemon Go's initial launch, though it's still more popular than before its release.



The PS5 Exists. 

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"though it's still more popular than before its release."

I had to LOL.

Holy Fuck! This is Huge news! Pokemon Go still has over 30mil active users daily even close to 2 months after launch?

I mean sure everything declines and article tries tp make a negative out of it but last i checked these are actually impressive figures. Congrats to the developers

This had to be expected, didn't it?

All it's still pretty popular in my city as about 75-100+ people are around city hall from 10:00 o'clock on.

It's still crazy how there's 25M+ concurrent players though.

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Another phone game that rode hype for a couple weeks is now on decline. Nothing really ground breaking.

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Well, it's probably following the same pattern as any fad.  Kids and teenagers all start playing or getting into something.  Then, they start to realize that 30+ year old adults are starting to talk about it a lot and play it themselves, then it stops being cool.  This same thing will continue til the end of time.  Though, I do expect Nintendo's stock may drop some more after this announcement.

So like every other mobile game then?


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I had to stop playing because the iPhone I updated recently blocked my third party lightning cable from charging it. Oh well. Back to waiting for the game to show up on Windows Mobile............

Another way to title this would be
"PoGo still makes houndreds of millions of $ months after release"
"PoGo loses 15 million DAU, which is still around half of its total userbase"
"Without any support from developers, besides maintenance, PoGo's userbase is still higher than 99% of all games out there"

Enough satire now. Has it been released on all planned countries already? I wanna know if it has reached its true peak by now...

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