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Also joeykanga says he is going to play. I have to message him 1 hour before the start to make sure he remembers.


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I think I'm going to buy teh super duper booster pack.

The extra maps are worth it epsilon. Vapour field is 1 of my favourite maps.


Looks like dogs may be back a little late from his hike. Are we going to hit a public server until he gets back.


sure, follow you

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Sorry I am late. It will be a 2 hour game. Vgchartz1

Great games everyone.  Thanks for hosting dogsrule.


sorry about any teamkills.

woloco you had a very nice hiding spot in that omega dawn heros match.



First of all, I didn't mean to teamkill Slums while he had 4 cores. I shot to kill Spyder, but he was too close to him.

I played that last game because I wanted to show Wenlan the vastness of his newly acquired map, not knowing that it was the same one repeating.

Good games. I sort of enjoyed the 20 minutes games. What did you guys think? I figured 100 points would be impossible in 20 minutes, but you guys proved me wrong.

My hike was magnificent. :)

Those were some good games guys. Thanks for hosting dogs.

I pulled a flow in the first collection match. Grabbed all the cores and jumped off the cliff. There was no way I was going to survive. Sorry for the teamkills. I know I killed JoeyKanga by accident when he had the flag; it cost me lots of points. It was pretty funny in that second core match when slums pushed you, dawve, off when you had a core.

Good luck kas.

those were awsome games guys there was lot of intense fighting, thanks dogs for wishing me luck, that was cool.

as usual sorry for all my teamkills & I loved the shorter games btw. edit: thank you mirson


All VGCharterz welcome!!!
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