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Favorite handheld?

Game and watch handheld games 1 0.40%
Gameboy( original, colour) 16 6.40%
Gameboy advanced 29 11.60%
DS 43 17.20%
3DS 74 29.60%
psp 28 11.20%
Ps vita 59 23.60%

I voted PSVita since most good PSP games also run on it, i was also a big fan of the original DS but I never really enjoyed the 3D in the 3DS and the Vita just felt much better in my hands and modern.

Overall I love handheld gaming so there is no wrong choice :)

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I only had the psp.
And I really enjoyed owning that console.

DS has a little advantage over the PSP, 3DS would be a close third and Vita is dead last, it's so bad that I put mine back in the box months ago and then two towers of games from the other three on top of it, not going to use it anymore and I doubt I'd be able to sell it.

3DS definitely, I love the DS family

I am torn betwenn Gameboy and DS, but Ill say DS simply because I think i enjoyed it a bit more.

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3DS in first, DS in second, PSP third.

My all time favorite is PSP, had so many great games.

former PSP & current Vita owner here, Vita ftw

3DS by far. Haven't played my Vita in years.
DS would be second.

The PSP beasts everything