Rumor: Redditor posts screen of GameSpot saying Tekken 7 PS4 exclusive now

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Probably exclusive in Japan. I'm skeptical about west exclusivity because I feel there would be more boasting.

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Lol no

ironmanDX said:
Hopefully Japan exclusive, like others have said. It's pretty disappointing when 3rd party games go exclusive. I had no serious intention of getting it but could have on sale. Now that decision has been made for me.

Devs go where the money is..... I think tekken sells more in Japan and Europe than it does in NA.... so maybe that's why. 

I think this just means Japan exclusive tho. 

I don't even think this has anything to do with Sony. It's just that Tekken 6 didn't sell too hot on Xbox 360 and that was with a massive install base. The X1 install base is considerably smaller than that of the 360 back in the days, so sales would logically be also fewer. Should be something like half a million maybe. Could very well be possible that Namco just doesn't think the port is worth it.

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Yeah, hardly worth it to publish it on XBO. Doesn't sell much at all, could lose money even if they print too many. If I was them, I would just do a digital release down the road or something.

It would be more frustrating for XBO owners if they were going after MK.... so it is the lesser of two evils.

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It's way more likely that Gamespot is mistaken to be honest.

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Would not surprise me one iota.

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If Namco decided this on their own then that's fine I guess.

Otherwise can Sony divert their check book back to their own franchises and IPs. Or at least games that wouldnt see the light of day without financial aid.

Would be no big loss if true. Because SFV being the biggest fighter around allready is PS4 console exclusive.....therefore this isn't as big a deal by comparison.

That said, Killer Instinct is more then scratching my fighting game itch. Every season keeps making the game feel fresh again.


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