What Anime Would you like to See a New Season for?

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RenCutypoison said:
Platina said:


Lol no. Nobody dies in True Tears :p

It's the one where a lot of people are mad about the pairings at the end

As a Noefag i died inside.

Fair enough, I didn't particularly mind the ending, but I felt that she would have been a better match :p

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Nichijou, I want to be in that world again

Platina said:
Luke888 said:
Give me Haruhi Season 3 , I need it for my mental helth

I know a lot of people that want a third season of this :p

you can NOT give me my personal waifu and expect me to not want more, especially if I only got two seasons of her :p

Plus our God must be pleased if we don't want the Universe to disappear 

I used to really want a new season for Durarara, and then we got it, so I'm pretty satisfied.

Swordmasterman said:
Hunter x Hunter, 2 Years and still don't have any news about another Season.

Yea that's sadly not happening as long as Dragon Quest games keep coming :'(

Togashi loves that more than he does his fans.

Need more Hajime No Ippo! There's enough content for another season now. Would love to see the Gonzales fight in motion!


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Princess Jellyfish

Pandora Hearts

Darker than Black

Binbougami ga


Soul Eater


Panty & stocking

Maria holic

Haruhi season 3

Berserk and it will happen next year !!!!


These would be my choices:

Kino no Tabi
Giant Killing
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Girls und Panzer

Hunter x Hunter is obviously #1

Toriko (under different studio)
Kuroko no Basket
Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Darker Than Black
Hunter X Hunter

A next season for all of those would be really awesome (Especially Darker Than Black as i really love the universe of it)

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