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Pokemon Z, new kirby game and advance wars


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1. Pokemon Z
2. Advance Wars
3. Mario Maker

Alright since no one else is gonna say it, your thread title is broken, it needs to have Games/Titles in between 3DS and Coming.

Amiibo badge arcade

Amiibo Land 3D

Amiibo Party


Unless they give us a new mainline pokémon game, either Pokémon Z, X²/Y² or Gen 7, I sadly think it will be nothing we actualy want. Triforce Heroes, Happy Home Designer and Metroid Federation Force all over again.


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I think they'll release Pokemon Z this year.
I'm expecting the new gen to be announced as well.



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Pokemon Z
Tomodachi Life 2
Amiibo Party or something

A pokemon game
A Mario & DK game
Wario game


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Paper Mario :The Two Thousand Year Door
Super Paper Mario 2
GoldenEye 3ds

Pokemon Z, Wario game and something else. I doubt the 3DS is going to get another Kirby game when the WiiU doesn't even have a main one yet.

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