How Rich are You on a Global Scale?

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What is your wealth position relative to the rest of the world?

top 0.1% 82 18.55%
top 1% 124 28.05%
top 5% 85 19.23%
top 10% 45 10.18%
top 25% 36 8.14%
50%-25% 26 5.88%
bottom 50% 44 9.95%

Top 0.1%, thanks to my parents.

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Honestly feels like propaganda to donate in the page. Or at least it appears to me like that.

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0,4% here but 0,1% is some serious income =).

CrazyGamer2017 said:

About 200 voters say they are above the top 1% in wealth, we got a ton of millionaires and even some billionaires on this website
Either that or many people don't understand their financial situation relative to the rest of the world.

Or just you could see that someone of low level income in USA is actually wealthier than like 90% of the rest of the world.

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You’re in the top
richest people in the world by income.
That makes you the
richest person on earth by income.


Of course, that’s gross including capital gains. Net is significantly less. And I support a family of 5 and a half, so the income is misleading.

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What a weird thread to necro from years ago....

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It's an odd thing, I make good money, and by managing it I make a significant amount of money off my money. I should be quite comfortable, but I have to store away vast sums in case things go poorly for me and have health issues (which given my history is very likely).
I think these things struggle to account for personal issues. Friend of mine pays twice for a small apartment in San Francisco than what I pay for a large house in Kentucky. They make more money, but spending thousands more every month just for place to live takes a big chunk out of those earnings.

Ganoncrotch said:
What a weird thread to necro from years ago....

He probably accidentally necroed it. I have accidentally necroed a thread because they keep populating on my phone out of order. So I am getting threads from 2009 and such along with today's threads.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

I honestly don't think that calculator is very accurate - you're telling me that $80k a year (US) puts you in the top ".1%"???

No freakin' way - that just can't be possible...