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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Half Life to Naughty Dog.

That will be the first ever game to maintain a 100 on Metacritic.

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axumblade said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Half Life to Naughty Dog.

That will be the first ever game to maintain a 100 on Metacritic.

22 hours ago :P


22 hHá 22 horas

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Look, Valve, all I'm saying is you give us the Half Life license and we'll take care of the rest.


South Park to Media Molecule

Star Wars to Naughty Dog

XCOM to Blizzard

Metroid to Sucker Punch.

Reason: Sucker Punch does a great job of making a TPS character who feels like a hero. They get the traversal and platforming that's integral to Metroid. The only issue I can see is level design, but to be fair, the've never been asked to make a 3D Platform Adventure game, so they may have it in them. Storytelling would also be an issue, but... Baby steps.

Pokemon to, wait for it, Kojima Productions x Gamefreak.

Kojima loves Pokemon. He's gone on record saying he was obsessed with Gold and Silver and that it had a direct influence on Peace Walker, which in turn means it had an indirect influence on MGSV. Those games would be completely different if he never played Pokemon. No fulton. No post game story content. No collecting soliers to build an army. Those are all ideas he got from Pokemon. I don't know if Kojima has it in him to make an E Rated game, but if he does, he could make the most bomb-ass Pokemon game the world has ever seen.

I genuinely believe that Pokemon changed his focus back to not having too many cutscenes, since no on complains that PW has too many, and PP arguably has too little. With that in mind, I think the man is intelligent enough to weave a kid-friendly deep and engaguing plot in a massive open Pokemon world. And the nuance he adds to gameplay would make the world feel amazing.

Well, this is new.


Sonic given to Rare

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Anfebious said:
SnakeDrake said:
Anfebious said:

What? No!!! Terrible idea.

Give Silent Hill or Zelda but not metroid... Doesn't make any sense!

In fact that's a good idea: Silent Hill to From Software. They did some interesting survival horror games on the PS1 (Echo night). The atmosphere on those games is fucking cool, it would go so well with Silent Hill!

Calm down its just a fan suggestion giving an idea to take part of this fantasy disscusion and have fun that wont amount to much.

Sorry if I came off as a jerk... that wasn't my intention.

Metroid would make sense if you want to see Samus piloting a mecha fighting aliens in outer space... now that I think about it... that's not a bad idea either!

See what happens when you open up to some ideas besides Samus is already a walking mechsite.


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Acevil said:
Mega Man to Nintendo
Lets be honest, this is the only thing that can truly save this franchise.

This man speaks the truth

Dragon Ball Z and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to Platinum Games

Tail's Adventure to Inti Creates

Shantae to Sakurai

Give Siren to Kojima.


The PS5 Exists. 

Tekken, Soul Calibur to NetherRelm
Zelda to Level 5
Street Fighter to Arc System Works
Fire Emblem to Sega
Final Fantasy to Bioware