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Did you think ZombiU was heavly underrated?

Of course, its a 3rd party game on the WiiU 35 42.68%
No 20 24.39%
Fair Reviews 19 23.17%
See Results 8 9.76%
Nogamez said:
I think the games scored about right on metacritic but if I remember rightly game spot and IGN crushed it. I though the game was a great survival horror but needed better melee combat ie more weapons I mean cmon I know its England but we do have golf and baseball to name a few more.

You have baseball?  I did not know that.

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If anything the game is overrated ...

I'm surprised that it got a relatively good critic metascore ...

It's a C-tier game that's more forgettable than The Evil Within ...

I agree, it was a good game. It was very scary/frustrating, in a good way.

I predict that the Wii U will sell a total of 18 million units in its lifetime. 

The NX will be a 900p machine

It was frustrating in a good way. The game wasn't hard, it just wasn't forgiving. When you fucked up, most of the time it's not the game's fault, but rather your own, so instead of "seriously? fuck this game" the most recurrent thought would be something in the lines of "Damn it, I should pay more attention to X thing that led to my death".

It looks like a mediocre, generic, zombie game with bad graphics. Perfectly fair reviews.

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It was a great game imo. I bought it for like, 12 bucks last year new and loved it. The reason it failed is two fold. Number one, it was a Wii-U exclusive. Number two? It was too hard for gamers. Kids these days (no us, but the average gamer) are soft and can't handle the idea of dying and starting over. I remember the reviews hammering it for being too "unforgiving".

It's like, no... it's not unforgiving... you're just soft.