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How can you state something is obvious without having any information to back you up? Just sounds like conjecture to stir the pot to me.

Conjecture with some justification. The PR contortions coming from MS and CD/SE previously in their attempt to not mention PS4, or PC, ports while not telling an outright lie by saying the game is fully (or console) exclusive, is very suggestive of something breaking within the last couple of days. Going from smoke and mirrors to a crystal clear multiplat, timed exclusive confirmation doesn;t happen without a pretty significant reeason behind it.

It could possibly be that any gag clause in the exclusivity deal expired this week. But it's an odd sort of week for it to expire. Though maybe not so odd. This week doesn't coincide with any major gaming event, so Sony doesn't have a vehicle to make any sort of song and dance about the fact that becomng multiplat is now confirmed. It is also sufficiently in advance of the Xb one release date that any internet buzz about the fact it's confirmed multiplat now will have died down before any RTR marketing really kicks in. It will only be the gaming forum dwellers that keep rolling out the multiplatness leading up to the Nov release date, and we consitute a very small segment of the gaming public.

Perhaps it's a simple as the fact that the PC port is coming early next year and it does seem to be sensible to announce the PC port 6 months before it happens. And there would be a helluva lot of internet noise if the PC port was announced but confirmation of a PS4 port was not. Especially if there was just more smoke and mirrors around the PS4 sitiuation (which there would have to be). CD and SE would be harassed from alll corners of the internet about a PS4 version, so better to announce both at the same time than one now and the other 6 months later.

Some people will still buy XB one for RoTR. But perhaps a few less than would have while there was still a sliver of a chance that PS4 would not get it eventually. While some people might have been deluded, or mis-directed into thinking PS4 was never going to get this game, I don't think anyone was under any illusion that it would not come to PC. So I think PC folks willing to wait were never really considering getting an Xb one just for this, so I don;t think the PC announcement will have any effect on Xb one prospects. 


It's also quite possible that for SE to remain quiet about the other versions required a set goal to be reached e.g. a set number of pre-orders, percentage marketshare, X1 consoles sold etc.

When that goal wasn't reached, they were free to announce the other platforms. That's my guess at least.

I'd be surprised if those sorts of milestones would be in a timed exclusivity contract with a "break" clause which specifically allowed SE to anounce additional platforms X weeks prior to launch on the Xb one. End of the day, even for a PC port coming in January, there's no real advantage for SE in annoucing now as opposed to the week after the RoTR release date. The only people likely to be pissed about waiting until after the Xb one release date are likely to be PC gamers who went and bought an Xb one specifically for Tomb Raider. And any PC gamer who would do that in the belief that either the game wouldn't come to PC, or it would be significantly delayed, could reasonably be called an idiot. A PS4 owner who buys a Xb one in November specifically for RoTR would probably still be happy with the purchase, because it means they have the game a whole year before anyone with a PS4 who doesn't buy an Xb one.

If we want to consider possibilities for why announce now, I think we have to seriously consider SE / CD becoming aware of a credible leak, and SE going to MS saying, we're aware of this leak, it has very firm evidence attached to the leak which means as far as anyone is concerned the cat is going to be out of the bag in the next few days and it will be impossible to deny it. So it's better for us to be in control of the information and to pre-empt the leak by making a formal announcement.

The timing is odd, and curious and I think pretty unprecendented. A timed exclusive is either announced as timed up front when the exclusivity is first revealed, or additonal platforms are only announced after the game has launched on the platform that has the exclusivity period. I've never come across a situation where everything possible was said to imply full console exclusivity (at least) without anyone actually telling an outright lie, and then for timed exclusivity to be so openly confirmed just a few months before the game's initial release.

It wouldn't be the first time this has happened. Just look at RE4 on the Gamecube. Capcom revealed it was coming to PS2 a month before the 'exclusive' release on Gamecube.

Again, it wouldn't surprise me if this is to do with milestones not being met (in both cases). If the X1 version isn't looking to sell as well as they'd hoped, they may well be trying to build up early hype for the other versions. The fact that there isn't much other gaming news at this time will also give it extra publicity by being the main talking point on gaming related media by fans of all three platforms.

That's my hypothesis anyway. Your thoughts about a possible leak are also intriguingly possible.

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Snoopy said:
Aerys said:

A game with extra content is not a remake. The game will only have all the DLC released, and maybe a little bonus content, but it's not enough to call it remake like you said, it is still  a port

It probably have more visual upgrades. I am not talking about any rez bump or fps bump. They will probably redo the textures to make the game look better or something of that sort. Phil Spencer said he won't invest into games on rival platform, so square enix is making the game themselves and redoing things or perhaps build it on a newer engine and improve textures. This happend before.

These days most devs generate much higher res textures and models than they need, and downscale them so I doubt they'll be re-doing much in the way of textures or changes to the artwork. They may optimise the engine to give better lighting or effects for the PS4 but the differences will probably be no different than the differences of the PC versions' High vs Medium detail graphics with some optimisations in between.

MS' investments will be Xbox specific so they're probably making sure CD make full use of the ESRAM and have the best algorithms in place to make the game as good as it can be on X1.

8 million sales were reported recently for the reboot. If I had to bet, I would say around 500,000 slaes this holiday. Wouldn't you want to announce a PS4 version as fast as you could, lol?

I guarantee the plan was not to announce the date of PS4 version before Xbox One version ever released. I'm not sure what happened and I don't think we will ever know.

NathObeaN said:
Aerys said:

It was obviously not a part of the deal to announce the PS4 version months before One release, now some will obviously wait instead of buying a console for one game, and even PC version, before X1 release, is that a mistake from Square Enix or ... ?


What do you think ?

Very much doubt it. Most people were saying that exclusivity will only last 3-6 months. MS can now come out and say 'actually, it's a whole year'. I have already seen a few of the MS PR guys retweet the tweet from SE about this so it's hardly something they want to hide/are upset about.

Then they are idiots.  Having it confirmed to release on the PS4 will only hurt the games sales this holiday season.  I have yet to see anyone that just has a PS4 complain that it is a year delay instead of 3-6 months.  Most are just happy they will be able to play it without having to get an XB1.

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I think square enix broke the NDA. If thats the case, they're going to meet Microsoft's lawyers.

Snoopy said:
I think square enix broke the NDA. If thats the case, they're going to meet Microsoft's lawyers.

If they do that, it will be public and nobody will want to deal with Microsoft.

They are better off letting it go.

I have a different theory to breaking NDA. I'm thinking they wanted to start promoting Xbox windows 10 cross play, and sat down with CD. Then realized everybody and his dog would think PC version early 2016? - PS4 early 2016. We cannot let that mindset settle in, lets just announce the PS4 version as a gesture of goodwill, then give a big up yours it is later than you hoped. That is all I can think of, for them announcing it before January 2016. I have given up trying to second guess this soap opera, I hate this whole dividing up of gaming by all sides, but I am sadly in the minority it seems.

Everyone is saying this is a lose for PlayStation but is it? What if instead of releasing the game full price with add ons what if PlayStation pays to make it a free ps plus title like Metal Gear Solid? And keep the add ons at full price so the still make a bit of revenue it will give PS players an incintitive to play

I really just see it how Capcom did with Resident Evil 4. A bit before the GC version came out. PS2 version was announced.