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I truly believe Satoru Shibata is the best fit. He is japanese (that's not an option for Nintendo), he has a good experience in management, and managing a branch, and also he lived in europe and worked closely with foreigners.

Nintendo needs a competent CEO, but more so, it needs a CEO that is more open to the western market. I think it was Iwata worst failure, and it is critical to resolve this problem, as quickly as possible.

Also, I hope the next CEO will listen more to Nintendo's fans.

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I don't think so. I'm expecting someone we never mentioned or that worked behind curtains.

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Nah im thinking its gonna be the Takeda guy.

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I'm not going to say that Reggie has zero chances because, as the saying goes, "never say never", but he his chances are something like 1%.

And I'd say that Shibata won't be it either. He has done a good job in Europe, improving the image of NoE to the point of making NoA look bad in comparison, but I think that for him to be president of Nintendo he would have to spend some time working at Nintendo's HQ in Japan to know everybody inside the Co.

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My wish is for Sakurai but that ain't happening I hear a lot say Takeda, is he a good replacement? Never heard much of him until recently

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Masahiro Sakurai could do it right? and would probably be a good fit.

Hes obviously a tallent when it comes to games, and hes not to old.


from wiki:


He seems okay with RPGs :) thats always a plus in my book.

Conspiracy Theory: Reggie is to be President


I am A little bit desappointed, this is not a conspiracy .... its just a theory ....


a Conspiracy theory would be Satoru Iwata was killed by , member of the board to be remplaced by a more profitable and clay person to focus on money.

So That they could go third party and sell mario, zelda and amiibo on every platform. To be bat shit rich. 


this is a conspiracy theory.

Reggie's not very likely to be the next President of Nintendo.

Eddie_Raja said:
He probably should be. Nintendo needs an "Outsider" to be in charge for once badly. Sony made American Kaz president and look how he is turning around the company.

What are you talking about Kaz is Japanese, the last Sony president was Welsh (Howard Stringer) and he was in charge during the companies nose dive. 

Shibata would be a good choice, he did great in europe, but has to go, NoE needs to build it own identity and Shibata isnt the right one for that.